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Jul 24, 2010
Las Vegas
Whats up folks, I wanted to bring you all up to speed on what is sweeping the nation. NRL 22! We are set up to run matches in any municipality that has 100 yards. All that is required is a range with 100 yards, the NRL 22 standard target package, and the standard barricade list. We provide the course of fire every month! All said, the whole thing costs a match director less than $400 to set up a local match every month that competes for prizes against the whole country! Check this out:

Yep, we've been having fun the last two months at our local NRL22 match here in the Flagstaff area and this month started adding some extra stages we thought up.

I joined the league on Facebook for $50 which includes an entry into a Vudoo in JAE stock raffle.
Don't forget the Really Right Stuff tripod! It is a $7000 prize just for getting membership!
The NRL 22 league is legit. It brings a lot of the precision long range concepts and challenges to a comp you can do on your 100 yard range. Our range--that is pretty rule oriented--is now allowing steel for sanctioned 22 matches.

It really opens up a lot of options for us as we are limited to 100 yards at our local club. Also, not everyone has a decent 6.5 bolt gun laying around with $2k worth of glass on it...but everyone has a 22 bolt (or 10/22) that you can get out there with and be right in the fight.

We are hoping to start run running matches by this spring in Yorktown! I think the package (target set, and built courses of fire) really make it easy to jump in.


PS...that Voodoo in the JAE is amazing. Both in capability and cost...very, very nice.
joined last month and look forward to being able to shoot some of these great matches.

we will have 2 matches a month at the palomino valley gun club in reno nv starting next year.

we shot one yesterday with a cold bore at 170yds...there is another match next weekend on the 4th or 5th and then another on the 19th.
West Side Sportsman's Club in Evansville, IN will be hosting our NRL 22 match on 11/25/2017. I can post details if anyone is interested. I serve as our Match Director so if anyone has questions let me know.
the palomino valley gun club in reno nevada will be hosting our first NRL 22 match this sunday 11/19/17...i think there will be a total of 10 stages should be a good time as the weather looks likes it going to be decent.
My 10 yr old son's cz455 PT will be here Monday, I can't wait to get him started shooting these matches.
I talked to a range in Ft Smith Arkansas and they said they were going to bring it before the directors. Fingers crossed!