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Night Vision NV and thermal kills...

To everyone killin' 'yotes... I see and raise you 3 ounces of cuteness and rage! :LOL:
I don't often take long shots. However, when you have killed the first of a pair and the second stops at 576 yards, and you have a custom reticle and a range finder that easily reaches to 1,000+ yards, it was worth a try.
In the part of the country I live, hunting in rain this time of the year is pretty odd. During this hunt, the weather seemed to change on virtually every stand. I finally quit when it was raining so hard that the water started to run down the back of neck and get through my waterproof clothes.

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181 lb sow and there’s more. Counted 20 at feeder…picked biggest one. May have gotten more but once they get to the thick juniper trees hard to find.
AA 6.5 Grendel / flir 233


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Old man strength!! This stand was actually a quad, I killed one 20 yards from the caller 5 minutes before this madness 😳

Getting it done solo with the Nvision Halo XRF, Suppressed Armament Systems Nocte, Fatboy tripod and sweet sounds from Rick Paillet!

#nvisionoptics #suppressedarmamentsystems #HaloXRF #halo #coyotehunting #coyote #nuggetsnightvision #verminatorpredatorcalls #thermal #predatorhunting #thermalhunting
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Got my AGM Neith (NV) sighted in last weekend on my 16" .300 BLK and she's ready to rock & roll...


And still need to get my new AGM Rattler TS50-640 thermal sighted in on my 16" Christensen Arms MPR 6mm ARC... Probably do that tomorrow.

Low humidity on a dark and clear night would be the preferred conditions to hunt coyotes, but this isn't always feasible. Busy people have limited times they can go. On this night, there were times it was so foggy that I would have been home with most thermals. Bering thermals allowed me to continue to hunt and continue to get more coyotes.

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Well the critters have gotten wise... Or so I thought. Went out to function test the Tippmann and saw a mus sitting statue still up in a tree. Note to self, look up! Turns out it wasn't a mus but a RAT! Popped it and told the cats they were worthless! :lol: Chunky little dude too! Flashlight is 5.875" long...
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One of my favorite things to do is helping out ranchers with their coyote problems. In this episode, the hunts are all focused around areas with cattle.
I'm sure they were, sir! It just that one with straight outta Looney Tunes bug eyes made me giggle!
I appreciate you watching and commenting. I do agree with you, this one gave me that "What The Heck Are You , Look!" All I needed was an ACME bomb or a roadrunner for an episode
Had a dry spell with only one dog seen, heard and taken in four days of hunting before the new year.
I guess our efforts are paying off.
We made plans to hit two new spots 1/1 and dropped three coyote.
The deer hunters that leased the farmers land said they hadn't seen a coyote since before deer season and we called in and dropped a coyote on the first set in under 20 minutes.
Three in 1-1/2 hours from the same set.
All well fed males.
The dog I dropped was following the blood trail of the dog my buddy shot a half hour earlier.
1 1 24 Dog.jpg

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Spotted and dropped this fox on the road going into the gravel pit we parked in.
Don't usually shoot fox, but this farmer had some chickens disappearing.
It was raining fox bit's.
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Another night another trash panda. This one required some light mountaineering to recover aaannnddd thermal can’t see strangler vines so good so I got clothes lined… again! White light is your friend gents and a good tool to have! I’m gonna feel it in the morning. :LOL:
There is just something about bales, hayfields, and coyotes. It is probably the easy access to mice, but coyotes and hay just go together. The Super Yoter LRF continues to impress me.
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