October Topstraps Longrange Rimfire Match


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Sep 3, 2009
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Hi everyone, it's been a great year and I hope you all had fun at our matches this summer. I've seen such great improvement in both skills and equipment, I like when I hear stories about when you are telling other shooters how far away you are shooting targets and how small they are and you get the rolled eyes and smirks.

Next year I'm planning on moving my monthly matches to the second week/weekend. By the time I have a week of mine, then Rayners is the following weekend and Butches is right after that I really don't enjoy my trip to Rayners like I used to. Having a week in between to relax and let my eyes rest up a bit I think I'll enjoy them like I used to.

This months (October) match will be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (11, 12, 13, 14, 15) and will be different than my regular ones. I think you'll find it interesting and will get you out of your comfort zone a bit. Read carefully so you can prepare because once the buzzer starts there is no stopping it till the time is up. I will have a sheet of paper with all the distances written down, most will be the same with most targets in the same locations. A few will be shifted around and a few racks may be placed in between existing ones but will be marked plainly with a numbered card which matches up to the sheet with the distances.

You can make an elevation chart ahead of time while waiting for your turn to shoot so you can be ready to crank in the settings or a calculated holdover on some racks. You control your destiny at this match.

You will need 150 rounds of 22 rimfire ammo ($8.00/50 max cost), it will be dumped into a green bowl before you start. There will be 100 targets for you to shoot at. You will be allowed one (1) magazine that can hold up to ten (10) rounds which cannot be loaded before the buzzer starts. No quick loaders allowed to make for quick magazine reloads.

I will only call misses, I will not be telling any shooter where their round went whether it be a hit of miss. If asked I'll say which rack they should be on but not being ready and paying attention to where you are on the course slows you down if you have to ask which one is next. It's up to the shooter to call their own shots and make needed adjustments. When a rack is finished it's up to the shooter to check their sheet for next distance, make sure it's the correct rack number and make their adjustments. The shooter may use a sighter plate any time they wish at any rack but that comes out of their 150 rounds in the bowl.

If you shoot and I say nothing and/or you see the hit you move on, if you miss I'll call "MISS" and you have to hit it before moving on to the next target. If there is a target where you have to shoot thru to hit one behind it as long as you put lead on the actual target I'll count it. I'll usually side with the shooter, since this is going to be fast paced and no way to change scores due to how it'll be done the call made at the time of the hit will stand unless a special circumstance arises. Remember you have UNLIMITED sighters you can use at any distance and at any time but they are used from your 150 rounds in your bowl. You don't have to tell me you are using them but you must hit each target in order to continue. All target racks have to be shot left to right.

You will have 20 minutes to shoot at the 100 targets. If you hit them all I'll stop the timer, if you run out of ammo in your bowl or the ending buzzer sounds you're done. Score will be calculated by the number of targets hit, plus the rounds left over and divided by the time.

Will "Fast and Furious" or "Slow and Steady" be the way to win? We've experimented with a single shot and it's easily doable.

Junior shooters and a shooter that has a condition that hinders reloading their magazines I'll allow someone to load them for the shooter. The shooter does have to drop the magazine from the gun and also put it back in by themselves.

As always, no benchrest type equipment such as fancy front rests (bipods/sandbags are allowed) and no tuners/blooptubes or such add ons are allowed. Eye and ear protection are encouraged.

Donation of $10.00/entry and multiple entries are allowed. I will try to be ready at 9:00 AM each morning to start and will continue until it's too dark to see the targets. It's getting darker sooner now so don't dilly dally around waiting for calm evening wind conditions because darkness will sneak up and bite you.

Hope the weather co-operates although Wed looks like a bit of rain but rest of the weeks looks sunny and nice. I can only run one shooter at a time for this match, total time for each shooter should be approximately 30 minutes including setup, last minute instructions and shooting the match.



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