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October Topstraps World Famous Timed Rimfire Challenge


Gunny Sergeant
Full Member
Sep 3, 2009
East side of Ohio
Well, Fall is finally here and this will be the last match of this year and will be my World Famous Timed Rimfire Challenge. It will be Friday (6th), Saturday (7th) and Sunday (8th) of October. Starting around 8:00 if it's light enough. A flashlight might be helpful since it is still a bit dark under the shelter. I know there are a lot of other shoots that weekend but the weather looks good so far and hope to see a few of you shot up to try it out. Same rules apply as always, no Benchrest type rests. Bipods/Bags on front and bags or a monopod on the rear. I do allow adjustable bipods such as a Rempel for the front. Due to limited availability of ammo you can use whatever you have available. You may have someone load your magazine if you have difficulty loading it yourself. You remove it and hand it to them to do this. No gadgets or other items are allowed to help load magazines other than your hands/fingers. All magazines must be held in your hand when reloading and not resting on the bench to push against, no modifications to a magazine are allowed.

This is probably the simpliest and easiest match any of you have ever shot for a 22 rimfire competition. 75 targets in front of you, 100 rounds in a bowl. At the buzzer start shooting till all are hit, you're out of ammo or time. Simple, fun and soooooo easy, at least that is what everyone says. There is also a $100 bounty on the King, if you beat his past record score and win the match I'll hand you a crisp $100 bill. All targets/racks are kept the same every year to keep it even for each event.

Competitors can use any 22 longrifle rifle/pistol including a Single shot, Semi-auto, Toggle, Pump, Lever Gun or Falling Block but will be limited to one (1) 10 round max magazine and/or no more than 10 rounds at any one time in the gun. There will be 75 targets from 25 yards out thru 197 yards and you will be given 20 minutes to do the best you can. You will not be shooting the smaller targets on my racks, targets will be some of my larger ones to keep things moving and not have a shooter get hung up on a really small hard to hit target. You can check your zero before you start with a few rounds at your regular 25 or 50 yard zeroing distance.

Shooters will dump 100 rounds in a bowl (has to be in the bowl and witnessed), at the buzzer they can load their magazine or start shooting if a single shot. Starting at 25 yards and always shooting left to right you work your way out thru the racks. I will only call out a miss and not an impact. I'm not spotting for any misses or hits on targets other than for score, up to you to see your own shots unless you get totally lost and I'll help you back onto a target. If I don't say anything keep shooting. I will give each shooter a paper with all rack numbers and distances on it so your data can be entered before it's your turn to start. I will tell you that you can progress to the next distance but it is up to the shooter to keep track of which rack/distance and target they are shooting. If you get lost/confused I may help with rack number but not every one. Up to the shooter to keep track of where they are.

A competitor can take unlimited sighters on a larger square plate located to the left on each rack at each distance at any time they feel it's beneficial but those shots come out of their 100 rounds in the bowl. The final score is calculated based on targets hit, rounds left over (if any) and also the time used to complete the match. So, you need to be accurate but shoot quickly to get as many hits as possible to get a good time or even finish the course. When the 20 minutes are done so are you, all part of the challenge.

In previous matches an old Win 52-C with a 5 round magazine won with two Single Shot shooters coming in a close 2nd and 3rd. Last year an old Russian gun won it. We came up with a calculation that when we tried every variable possible it always worked out the most accurate shooter with the most hits and lowest time won. Was a lot of fun and a lot of different strategies that shooters tried to place higher up, some worked and some didn't but it made for letting the spectactors being entertained. I will only run one competitor at a time but it'll go faster than a regular match and gives for good entertainment while watching the others shoot. I will run 1 (one) competitor at a time and after every 2 (two) shooters I'll paint/reset targets while the next two get set up on a bench. You may re-enter for same donation but have to get in line again. It goes pretty fast and is a blast to watch.

This is a really fun match and with the smaller targets not being shot at it's a nice balance of precision, smooth shooting that needs to be done quickly. Hope to see shooters come give it a try.

Address for GPS is 43985 S. 70 Rd, Belmont, OH It's right off I-70 about 30 miles East of Cambridge or 15 West of Wheeling.

Email: [email protected]

Calculation used for score. Tom Rayners said it's very similiar to Comstock scoring. We tried all variables of ways to shoot it and every time the calculations always came out with the top shooter score winning.

Targets Hit __________

+ Rounds Left _________

- Targets Left _________

= Total Points _________

Time Used (Minutes ) ______ X 60 = __________

+ Seconds __________

Total Time __________

Total Points ________ divided by Total Time __________ = Score __________

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