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Apr 22, 2010
South East Ohio
Can someone point me to a book or books that goes into detail about using FFP scopes and non FFP scopes. I would like to read about different combinations and how they are used. I would like a book instead of a site so i do not have to sit in front of a computer all the time. I do not want to sink alot of money into something i do not know much about. Their seems to be a lot of different variations that i read on here and that it gets a little mind boggling for me at times. I do think that when i start going up to Tom Sarvers place to shoot when rifle is done that seeing other peoples stuff first hand will be of great help. Thanks for any info.......DAN


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Re: Optics

Dan, I don't know of a book that is specifically about FFP/SFP.

I know just about every "sniper manual" I have read has a section on optics, but none that specifically address the variations in scopes.

If you have any specific questions, I am sure any of our scope vendors here on the Hide would be happy to discuss them with you and help you make a proper selection.