Our “Values”


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May 18, 2020
An interesting thought.

Speaking of Russian collusion

Wondering if biden had already conspired with Putin much earlier, to put together the deal to cut US petroleum supplies to Europe, making much of Europe dependent on Russian oil and gas

Thereby making European nations such as Germany a quasi client state of Russia.

Thus, giving ole Putin pretty much of a free hand in doing what he wanted, taking over whatever territory/nation he so chooses.

Of course, then biden can puff out his chest and act all tough, but in the end, as stated, give Putin pretty much free hand to do whatever he choose.

As said, just speculation, but think about it.

Another thought. Jan saki (SIC but who really cares) says we (WE) have to pay for “Our” values. What values, the only values I see being broached are the biden crime family’s money and illegal business interests.

This is EUROPE’S problem. We have our own border to worry about.

Maybe if the Mexican Cartels suddenly lost interest in importing drugs across our southern border, the biden crime family might, might just consider doing something about OUR BORDER!
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  • Feb 14, 2011
    I think you are giving B-boi too much credit. I think when B-boi was voted in Putin started acting on his plan. Casue B-boi was boasting the whole campaign what he was going to do.....hint hint.....the Keystone Pipeline. So ALL this USSR planning was WAY before B-boi was in office.