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This will be used as justification to ram thru the state democrats assault weapons law. Plus whatever other gun control they want. There is a long list of anti 2nd amendment bills that the commies have lined up waiting to make Minnesota the leader in ant 2nd Amendment laws!

Motherfucker with that colorful of a rap sheet shouldn't have been trusted to be back out in the streets in the first place. I bet during his petition hearing nobody on the board had seen his social media pics of him putting up middle fingers or other wannabe gangsta shit, or they conveniently ignored them in order to "not be racist"...
Days after national security scare over nuclear powered AI dance shoes


Insanity! We deserve what's coming.

I mentioned the large number of "newcomers" in my area. Just had one post for a jobs: "We came from Honduras and are here legally". That means, they turned themselves over to border control agents, and PedoPeter gave them a piece of paper that they must appear in asylum court in 10 years.
NEWSFLASH SHOCKER: Statistics compiled over the last 20 years and just reviewed this February shows that millenials and Generation Z, especially women from that age group, are aging rapidly, developing sudden onset health deterioration, and dying in their late 20s to early 30s. Many people who are on social media or follow conservative podcasts exposing wacky liberal content on social media are probably already aware that a staggering number of millenial and Gen Z influencers and content creators, ALL of them leftist/progressive, have already passed away, many of them suddenly or after a brief sudden illness, with the deaths being widely documented and reposted.

Some of the causes for leftist youths' rapid decline of health and early mortality:

* Complications from the clot shot. An overwhelming number of millenial and Gen Z youth have boasted about their vax and booster status since 2021 and were the driving force behind the organized vax shaming and public policies denouncing those who refused the shots.

* Extreme poor health due to long term reliance on DoorDash and deliveries of processed foods with little to no fresh vegetable and fruit consumption.

* Massive systemic body chemistry alterations from overprescribed antidepressants and antipsychotics. Left leaning millenials and Gen Z have developed a sort of "therapy cult" starting in 2013 and it was greatly exascerbated in 2020. It is almost a symbol of pride among young leftists to talk about "going to therapy", listing all of the psychiatric conditions that they were diagnosed with, and taking psychiatric medication. On many of the dating profiles of young leftist women, "attending therapy" is one of the required criteria that the men who wish to date them must fulfill before they are even considered for a first date. Over 80% of millenials and GenZ have sought psychiatric therapy mostly as a symbol of "looking cool" among their peers and most of that percentage also have a dependency on potentially harmful psychiatric medications. Your typical young, strong and independent "I am a girlboss, I don't need no man" leftist woman takes up to 15 psychiatric pills every morning. Many of these drugs cause massive hormonal and chemical changes in the body after long term use, leading to undesired genetic mutations and metabolic failures resulting in cancer and other complications.

* Suicide rates. Millenials and Gen Z by far boast the highest suicide rates among any other generational group COMBINED. For a generation who claims they "rejected tobacco, alcohol, and drugs" in favor of "spiritual enlightenment", millenials suffer the worst from depression, chronic anger, and destructive mood swings leading to irreversible life altering actions. Most of this depression comes from the overwhelming fear of not being accepted by their peer groups due to failure to get on board the latest rages, whether it be BLM, Gaza, or coronavirus policies like masking. You will see young leftists literally outscreaming each other to show their loyalty to the latest leftist causes, trying to outdo each other in displays of obedience.

If this trend continues and the algorithms compiled by the latest statistics hold true, the lifespan of millenials, especially millenial women, are forecasted to only be around 40-45.

$64 a day?! I can make $64 go a week. Beans, rice and water. Done.

Now where is my consulting fee of $2M?
i would bet it costs them about that much to provide the means.
turkey sammich and potato chips for $17?
this probably costs them 5 bucks.


city isn't paying migrants just $50 million, that is what they are paying the no-bid bank to give out the cards.

And for the “service” provided, MoCaFi not only makes money from each card distributed, but gets a 3% fee on the first $50 million the city puts on the cards — that is, $1.5 million. That fee drops, but only slightly, after that first $50 million.

It’s easy to work out how MoCaFi would get a $50 million fee or so, the maximum allowed under the contract. After stripping out various fees the company gets for printing up the blank cards and such, the city has purposely given itself the flexibility to disburse at least $2.5 billion on these pre-paid debit cards over a year.
And everyone moving from that city are coming to Florida and fucking our shit up
he owns a lot of property. i don't think moving to florida is going to fix anything related to fees, taxes or assessments on the ny properties.
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Well at least she has a leg or two to stand on. The same can't be said about the arms but then she'd look pretty ridiculous doing hand stands in a black robe.

I was told, several times in school, in the military and in other jobs that there are no stupid questions.

So I am going to risk it now. What does she use when she wants to slam the gavel down?
This is in Spanish but basically they have put on display, three alleged murderers of three police officers. Even if you can't understand what they are saying the video is good.

Watch how the "tough guy" with the mark-of-the-beast on his chin whimpers like a pussy. He's probably looking forward to the very best of care, warmth and affection in an El Salvadoran penal institution.

The beast won't save him now.

I'd like to see some cartel members on this side of the border get the same treatment - or - even worse.

"I don’t know that, in the latter example, so many sheriffs are going to refuse to enforce the law,” Cunningham said. “But I think anyone who believes in law and order should enforce the law of the land.”

Interesting idea. Now, do Jussie Smollet, drugs, street criminals, and illegal immegrants. Pfft, 0.5-1% approximate compliance rate.

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Every public official takes the same oath. Preserve protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.
There's good reason Dante's 9th circle was reserved for traitors and oath breakers.
it is a scam for your taxes.

Minnesota democrats have a bill introduced on the opening day of the 2024 legislative session to make Minnesota a sanctuary state for migrants. They are literally destroying the state thru every bad leftist idea
ever conceived by California and new york , Illinois!
The state will be in a budget deficit next year. From a 19 billion surplus to a couple billion deficit in 2 years of democrat control. But I'm sure they will add some more tax hikes on top of all the new taxes they rammed thru last session!
FUCK ALL Democrats!!
not sure what y'all think about this.

Thanks for posting, Larry Silverstein had that live interview on 9/11 that was interesting, his statement. Looking back did the 02/26/93 bombing provide the cover story for next bombing? Bush was newly elected, was he simply given the keys too the mechanism to drive forward? Did Trump getting elected truly delay some sinister plan to destroy America that Biden is working at an accelerated rate playing catch up?