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    Zeptember has Zomething New

    I have my hands on, not one, but TWO new scopes that are dropping very, very soon as Zeptember is right around the Corner da819761-7a12-4b8c-b721-d11f10f9b8a8&pi=bcd27983-3f89-45a7-83d8-0ba35273c6f4
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    Crossfire Conversation Ep 5: Balancing the Rifle

    Episode 5, Balancing the Rifle is Up Check out the latest video
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    Canceling Upgrades

    Sniper's Hide uses a Recurring Payment Process, we will auto-renew all paid accounts unless otherwise canceled. Members may cancel anytime through the site. Depending on your account, whether you used a different email, the system will automatically downgrade you when you cancel the payments...
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    Accuracy International AX 224V is A L I V E

    It's A L I V E !!!! IT'S ALIVE... As noted just a few short weeks ago, I took possession of a 6.8 Bolt Head for an AI Bolt. First job, source the bolt body and then swap the heads out ... That complete I grabbed a Proof Steel barrel from MHSA and Adam went to work spinning up...
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    Official Accuracy International AT-X

    Official AT-X Thread The AT-X Rifle System is the newest addition to the Accuracy International lineup. This rifle was designed for one purpose: Provide AI shooters with a modular platform for precision rifle competitions. The action is identical to the AT & AX rifle systems but includes...
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    Precision Rifle Gear Crossfire Ep 1: Picking a Tripod

    Welcome to Crossfire with Chris and Frank Part of this will lead into the Livestream stuff I am working on, but here are some produced videos to help answers some of the more common questions we get. In this first episode Chris and I talk tripods and how we look at the tripods. We are...
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    Group Build Thoughts, 2022 SH Rifle build from Spartan Precision

    So, I was thinking about a group buy type of build like Sniper's Hide has done in the past. This time I am thinking more of an NRL Hunter Style rifle and having Marc Soulie of Spartan Precision put it together. We. initially spec'd a Hunter Rifle out, and I think we have a nice build, but I...
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    Ammo Available, Prime has a Deal for SH Members

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subject: Update on PRIME and Free Shipping for Sniper's Hide members Hi Frank...
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    Do I need it, Taco Tuesday Drinking Game

    So everyone has been indoctrinated into the idea you need a level to succeed. Especially when shooting inside a 1000 yards on relatively flat surfaces, especially resting the rifle on a sand bag where gravity actually gives you a hand. So we were playing around at the range yesterday, we were...
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    Assassin's Way Battle Of Coyote The B.O.C. is a match to test you, your skills and your equipment in a field environment. Topics tested will be: Safety Marksmanship Target detection Range estimation Land navigation KIMs Situational awareness Use of handgun Days one and two...
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    Why we can't have nice things,

    This is why we can't have nice things, I talked about a lot of inside ball over the years in regards to competitions. As noted many times, this is not new, not even the idea of a series. In the early 2000s there was a series attempt and it failed. Part of the problem is growth and being...
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    Annual Hide Elf Tossing Contest

    2021 Rules for Conduct 1. No threats of any kind against real people, implied, veiled, or otherwise. Your words in this regard are given more weight than the average person, so act accordingly this is public and can be searched by others. Zero tolerance, if your names cross my desk, your...
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    2021 Rules for Conduct 1. No threats of any kind against real people, implied, veiled, or otherwise. Your words in this regard are given more weight than the average person, so act accordingly this is public and can be searched by others. Zero tolerance, if your names cross my desk, your...
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    Advanced Marksmanship The Measure of a Man and His Rifle

    So in the "Precision AR" thread, it was discussed that in order to gauge a rifle and shooter you need a 20 shot group? I get this argument goes back 100 years as people always want more. But if we go back in time when Sniper's Hide was in its infancy, I tried enacting a 5 shot minimum on...
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    Cool: Zodiac Code Cracked

    So they cracked one of the Zodiac Codes, how they did it is spelled out nicely in the video This stuff is always interesting, I would have to think the references and misspelling of Paradise is a clue too because Paradise is also where his signature is in another code. The reference to...
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    Kraft Data Driven Training: Try This

    Sniper's Hide and Chris Way of Kraft are partnering up to collect some data from Shooters. Chris is a very data-driven shooter, he is a competitive shooter and loves to analyze data. He Krafted a precision rifle course of fire designed to be shot at 100 yards and collect data from multiple...
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    Official Accuracy International Store

    Shop Accuracy International USA Orders are Shipped and fulfilled through MHSA, the site will redirect you to MHSA for ease of purchase,
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    Doping a Rifle with Weaponized Math

    WTF, Wind, Target, the Fundamentals, This makes doping a new rifle beyond simple 1. No inputs, no sight height, no muzzle velocity, no bullet weight, no bc, you don't need any of it, just simple multiplication, 2. Works regardless of caliber ( rimfire ranges are different, but can work...
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    Plan X from Outer Space

    The Terrapin X has been updated many times since its release and I wanted to do an update video to outline a few of the changes. First off, the Terrapin X has been out for a few years and people always ask if we are still fans of the laser. Well, we are, I continue to use mine pretty...
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    Site Upgrades: Liaison Thread

    Hi All, As noted in the Bear Pit the site is undergoing some big changes over the next few months. We have made a considerable invention in adapting and adjusting the forum to create a better overall experience for the end user. Some of these changes will be applied down the road, other...