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    Leophoto Discount Code, Site-wide Sale

    I have a discount code for Leophoto and they are having a side wide sale for May in anticipation of new models coming in June. Discount Code: Hide25 You can head over to Leophoto Outdoors to shop, Most of the products we use are Here: https://leofotooutdoors.com/
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    RifleKraft - Sniper's Hide May 17th, 18th, & 19th Cameo, Colorado

    We are heading to Cameo Colorado ! RifleKraft and Sniper's Hide are Heading back to Cameo Colorado for May 15th ! Those wishing to attend can sign up for the 3 Day Course here: Payment Portal We have a great time in Cameo, you can check out the Videos we have done there recently. The Staff...
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    The Everyday Sniper Podcast: New Training Seasons Starts Now

    https://theeverydaysniper.podbean.com/e/the-everyday-sniper-podcast-new-training-seasons-starts-now/ The Everyday Sniper Podcast: New Training Seasons Starts Now Spring is in the air, and we are getting ready to kick off the 2024 Training Season. This week is our first official class...
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    ZEISS Offers Spring Savings

    From Mar. 22 – May 15, 2024, ZEISS will be offering promotions on Conquest HD binoculars and LRP S5 riflescopes at participating ZEISS authorized dealers White Plains, NY – Mar. 19, 2024 ZEISS, a premium optics manufacturer for over 175 years, is presenting two promotions just in time for...
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    Hide TV Training Videos

    Hi All, Hide TV is moving into gear so we are adding lessons and videos to the Hide TV section of the site. When we add a single video to the Hide TV section, it originally displays as a LIVE and will mark the App Red to show you the video is playing live as I upload it. It treats the addition...
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    Terminus Zeus - 6.5CM to 6.5PRC using Gravity Ballistics

    Filmed a caliber swap using my Terminus Zeus, moving from 6.5CM 6.5PRC. Once the barrel and bolt were changed, I then had to dope the rifle out to distance. To do this I used the Gravity Ballistics App. The only requirement for Gravity Ballistics is a 100 yard zero, after that, Mils...
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    2024 Rifles Only Brawl Photo Thread

    @Sparky and I traveled down to Kingsville to visit Rifles Only during the 2024 Brawl. While Sparky was working as a Range Officer, I was wandering around in the rain to take some photos
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    Official CameraLandNY Customer Questions

    Location for the official CameralandNY Thread
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    Sniper's Hide presents Gravity Ballistics App

    GRAVITY BALLISTICS GRAVITY BALLISTICS APP FEATURES Spend less time plugging in data and more time behind the glass. Gravity Ballistics walks you through building your DOPE by working with initial drop values (whether in MILs or MOA). Save your profile for later use! Testing different loads...
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    The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Brandon Maddox of Silencer Central

    https://theeverydaysniper.podbean.com/e/the-everyday-sniper-podcast-brandon-maddox-of-silencer-central/ The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Brandon Maddox of Silencer Central Welcome to the Everyday Sniper Podcast, today we have a great episode with Brandon Maddox of Silencer Central. I am giant...
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    Training Courses Sniper's Hide - RifleKraft Precision Rifle Training 2024

    Sniper's Hide - RifleKraft Precision Rifle Training Courses 2024 Watch this space for course announcements and locations throughout the United States. If you would like to book a course at your location please send a message to @Lowlight or @ChrisWay for more details. As courses are updated...
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    Gunwerks Elevate Bipod

    Gunwerks is announcing its Elevate Bipod Today ! Bipods have turned a corner and this new Elevate bipod is a pretty elegant solution. I will have some words on it shortly as I just returned from Alaska. https://www.gunwerks.com/ Some neat features with this bipod and the tripod style leg...
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    Sako TRG22A1 6.5CM

    We are currently working with the SAKO TRG22A1 in 65CM I will note, I have an original TRG22 in 308, and the changes are well received as believe they did a great job changing the rifle to fit modern times. Mainly the adjustability in the stock. The TRG22A1 has a folding quick adjust stock...
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    The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Marine Scout Sniper's are History

    The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Marine Scout Sniper's are History Disturbing news dropped this week, on Tuesday, One day before the anniversary of Carlos Hathcock's passing, the USMC announced they are doing away with Scout Snipers as they currently exist. Traditions mean nothing anymore and the...
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    The Everyday Sniper Podcast:Military History Author Gary Yee, WWII Snipers

    The Everyday Sniper Podcast:Military History Author Gary Yee, WWII Snipers Author Gary Yee, World War II Snipers, The Men, Their Guns, Their Stories. Gary Yee has worked as a law enforcement firearms instructor, range master and as an armourer. A guest curator for the San Francisco War...
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    The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Expo

    The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Expo Precision Rifle Expo, Navasota Texas at the CCC Shooting Complex. What a great time we had this weekend at the Expo. Phil Cashin from MPA puts on a heck of an Event. Vendors, Live Fire, Classes, Shooting Royalty, it has it all, there is no want for anything...
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    RifleKraft Mountain Hunter Assessment (May 26-28 Friday-Sunday)

    This is a course and assessment for the rifleman with an interest in mountain hunting, competing in the locate range engage genre, and anyone looking for measurement and guidance on how to raise their performance bar in field shooting conditions. This will be held at Cameo Shooting Facility...
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    2023 Sniper's Hide Training Courses - Dates & Locations

    2023 Sniper's Hide Training Course Announcement Dates and Locations of our 2023 Courses These are the Marc & Frank Classes which include class instruction on •Range Safety •Fundamentals of Marksmanship •Setting up the Rifle •The Prone Position •Recoil Management •First and Second Focal...
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    Zeptember has Zomething New

    I have my hands on, not one, but TWO new scopes that are dropping very, very soon as Zeptember is right around the Corner da819761-7a12-4b8c-b721-d11f10f9b8a8&pi=bcd27983-3f89-45a7-83d8-0ba35273c6f4
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    Crossfire Conversation Ep 5: Balancing the Rifle

    Episode 5, Balancing the Rifle is Up Check out the latest video