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Firearms Pulled due to family circumstance


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  • Jun 4, 2019
    I have a used but in great shape Zermatt Origin S/A 308BF with regular recoil lug and HLR recoil lug to accept TL3 prefits.

    Has new firing pin assembly.
    Area419 Bolt handle.

    Barrel is a 16” 308win with 850rds that shoots bug holes with M118LR.

    Must ship to your FFL.

    $1000 shipped

    Will post pics when I get home.
    sorry man I dropped the ball. I’ll get that info as soon as I get home too. I think keystone accuracy or something. It’s got a stamp on the barrel

    Sounds good.

    I will take it pending that detail being in line with what I am looking for.
    Captramrod1 messaged he wanted this before anyone on the thread. Does that go against any rules?
    Rules are as you see them Sam

    Just no being a dang scammer.

    I shoulda took it in my first post…. 😔

    Will be in Cheyenne Sunday and bring cash if Capt falls through.
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