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Jan 26, 2019
Lost Prairie Montana
5 rounds at 200 yards through one smooth hole. Yep. .......... and this is how it happened.

It was mid-may when I set up to shoot a 200 yard target at the range out back of the place. By the time I was ready at noon the temperature was a mild 75 degrees. I rode the Rhino downrange and stapled a solitary target to the frameworks. Dead center was a black one inch paster.

My shooting bench was the old redwood pic-nic table I had used for years, but it was solid and made a good bench. I set up the number 6 shot bags and took the Swiss k31 rifle out of the case, attached the bipod to the rail under it, uncapped the scope and began adjusting the height of the shot-bags. I set up the spotting scope on the tripod, broke out the custom loads and inserted 5 of them into the magazine.

I proceeded to send five rounds downrange at three second intervals. I checked the target though the spotting scope and said "Yep" to myself. "Yep, what?" came from behind me. Worden Hardy had walked up behind me just after the last shot. Hello, Worden. Yep, I put all five of them through the same hole again, sez I. "All five through the same hole?" sez he. Yep........ all five. "Let me see that scope".... and I moved over for him to look. "There's only one hole in that target. Dead center. What makes you think all five went in the same hole?" sez he. They always do, sez I. Every time. Worden is standing with his hands in his pockets rocking back and forth on his heels looking at me through slitted eyes. "Uh huh. All five through one smooth hole. Right".

And I never could'a proved it if it hadn't been for those five dead coyotes that had been trotting in single file, three seconds apart piled up behind that target.

Yep. One smooth hole.


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Feb 23, 2010
The Snobbiest Town in The Snobbiest State in the N
Pictures or it didn’t happen... :cool:

Oh and... you could have just shot three coyotes. Three shot groups are ok here in vintage... :ROFLMAO:

Once upon a time there used to be rotating disks behind targets... one hole in target + five holes in disk and the score stands. Do they still do that?

Thanks for the morning lol...

Cheers, Sirhr
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Nov 20, 2011
They use what is called a moving backer to show all the shots were fired.