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Night Vision PVS14 WP3 High grade VH and YH in stock


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Jun 17, 2020
In stock and shipping out immediately!

Got special requests or want hand select? No problem, just CALL as inventory changes hourly

PVS14 third generation White Phosphor WP3 HIGH GRADE units in stock and ready for SAME DAY shipping to you.

PVS14 WP3 High grade NV in stock

THIS IS THE WP3 HIGH GRADE MODEL which utilizes either a VH or YH grade White Phosphor tube.

JRH Enterprises PVS14 WP3 3rd Generation WHITE PHOSPHOR autogated monocular. 1900 FOM Minimum (see the option boxes for 2200 FOM model and custom case pricing).

Note- due to the higher performance in the 2200 FOM grade of tubes, we see a lot more 2200 FOM and higher tubes than we do 1900 FOM tubes which means that there are often more of them in stock for you to choose from.

PVS14 3rd Generation Night vision device with WHITE PHOSPHOR AUTOGATED Elbit systems thin filmed VH or YH GRADE tube, standard military Carson housing and glass for optimal quality. All standard accessories. Manual gain control.

Brand new with 5 year warranty- NEVER A PRICE THIS LOW ON A PVS14 WHITE PHOSPHOR 3RD GEN

“What’s the difference between the WP3 High grade and the normal WP3 PVS14?”

The WP3 High grade models utilize an Elbit Systems of America VH or YH GRADE tube which are the highest spec commonly available tubes. This equates out to a cleaner image and higher overall specifications than our WP3 PVS14s with SLH grade tubes.

Minimum specifications- most ship with better than these- This is the NEW 1900 FOM model, you will receive a unit with 1900 FOM or higher. “FOM” is Figure of Merit and is a calculation of Resolution X Signal to noise ratio. The minimums are listed below for this grade but all are shipping way better than this. We highly suggest you call to order as we offer HAND SELECT on these units at no extra charge.

Want a high specification 2200 FOM or higher unit? We got a lot to pick from including multiple units over 2700 FOM in stock and ready to go. Plenty in the 2200 FOM and higher range. Use the drop down menu at the link above to change FOM levels or call to order to get hand select at no extra charge.

Want hand select at no extra cost? No problem, give us a call, we'll be happy to get what your looking for and have it headed your way today.

Brand new THIRD GEN PVS14s with 5 year warranty. Manual gain control, autogated for tube protection, all standard accessories.

Call or email for Arfcom discounts 30 years in business, order with confidence.


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34 units in stock of this grade ready for you to choose from. Hand select at no extra charge, just pick up the phone and we can hand select from current inventory.

7/24- in stock, ready to ship to you today. 2200 FOM and higher units

In stock, always on sale and shipping out immediately!

Great selection of 2200 FOM models ready to ship.

Give us a call for Hide Discounts and hand select at no extra charge
We still have the cheapest price on VH High grade White phosphor thin filmed PVS14s. Overstocked sale running through October 1st

Been a very busy last week plus, but we still have NV in stock shipping out the same day you order! Order before 10am Eastern for same day shipping.