Range Report  question about Electronic dope card


Pew Tang Clan
I can see now that I will need to build my own and show youse guys what i'm getting at.
Not a problem they are real cheap.
these things are pretty cool and will do a lot depending on application.
My idea was a little scrollable message board with dope ...


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Jul 24, 2020
I have one of the M5Stack kits, I was incredibly disappointed with the lack of support and contradictory documentation. One IMU was stated, it had something completely different in it that was incompatible with just about all existing AHRS examples.

What you are trying to do likely isn't impossible but won't be as power efficient as the e-ink types. If trying to display stage info you're going to want something much larger than the 128x32 oled displays (even 128x64 is too small), something business card size is probably a practical size.

I know some of the e-ink displays offer sample programming apps that are basically a small web form. One advantage something like this would have is the ability to program the display over something other than NFC (which doesn't exist on every phone).