Questions about "sniper vests"


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Aug 20, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
Looking for opinions from LEO's, Military shooters, contractors, and of course CBA's

Our Sierra teams are looking at options for a light (no need to evaluate armor plate carriers this time), comfortable, and easily modifiable vest.

We like this, but thought I would seek out opinions first:,753,87.htm

Primary concerns:
1. Need something to adequately carry that damn Motorola XTS 5000 and effectively operate the in-line PTT (to headset) in various shooting positions.
2. Capable to carry our Sig 220 with spare clips. Again, I like the flexibility of this vest to accept the STRIKE/SERPA platform.
3. Comfort.....yeah.....I'm getting soft.
4. Hydration compatible.

Thanks for your input!


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Apr 18, 2010
Charlotte, NC
Re: Questions about "sniper vests"

I ran a Tactical Tailor rig as a DM rig in Iraq. I evaluated the Blackhawk STRIKE, but only briefly because someone had it on hand. I hated it, it felt flimsy and there was too much space lost on the front for a carbine setup. In a precision rifle setup, it also did not have any flexibility to move pouches up higher, or further back. Also take a look at the new GRT Kit, Nick here on the hide is making. It does not have anything on the front interfering while prone and has an integrated pouch for your 3L hydration bladder and you can add pouches for Sig magazines, or anything else you may like one by one and have flexibility instead of being stuck to someone else's manufactured vest.

Look for something preferably made here in the states, it is better stitched. Tactical Tailor, Eagle, GRT, SoTech, Kifaru, etc. A lot of the Blackhawk, 5.11, etc is well known, but mainly because of it's price, but you get what you pay for.

The best thing to probably do in your case is to find a nice base rig/vest build onto it, then have it approved as SOP. A forum that is better suited for gear setups is Lightfighter. They are all military/LEO/operators, and have an extensive amount of good information in the forums. I'm in Cincinnati, also if you needed any personal recommendations as far as gear or rifle configurations.