Recap of the URSA NorCal June ‘21 event

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Mar 30, 2011
Recap of the URSA NorCal June ‘21 event (by RD, Lynn Dragoman; build info and comments from Oscar)

We had 7 shooters for our last match until October (after deer season ends) and it was all CalGuns-regular, RickyRacer87’s show!!

In match one we had two shooters qualify for record round at 2054 yards and RickyRacer87 dominated the match with 8 hits out of 10 shots fired to take the win! New shooter Jim R was Runner-Up. Congrats RickyRacer87, 8 out of 10 doesn't come that often and you were on fire my friend!!!!

We had time, and because of the break for deer season, everyone wanted to shoot a second match. Jim R, Moodolistic, RickyRacer87, and White Mamba all qualified for record round at 2054 yards. Moodolistic and Jim R both ran out of ammo after getting 2 and 3 hits, respectively. It came down to a sudden death shoot-off between White Mamba and RickyRacer87 and RickyRacer87 put down 3 straight heats to take the match win.

We now take 3 months off to go deer hunting and to try and figure out how to beat RickyRacer87. Rumor has it that his barrel has over 1200+ rounds on it and it's still shooting lights out.

I thank all of our shooters for a great 2021 so far and look forward to their safe return in October.


RickyRacer87 finished up the required 5 achievements points between qualification and record round of the first match and is now an official URSA “Novice” shooter. Congrats! For these matches he was shooting his “standard” gear - 300 gr Hornady A-TIPs out of his Billy Goat Machine/BGM-built .338 LM AI (Ackley Improved) with BGM “OVIS” (Defiance Deviant Tactical) action, Bartlein 31.5” barrel, Manners T5A stock, Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 SFP scope, and ERATAC 0-70 MOA adjustable base/rings.

Jim R was shooting 354 gr Lehigh solids out of his Benchmark (Barrels)-built 375 CT with Stiller TAC 408 (1.450 diameter) action, Benchmark 27” barrel, McMillan A3-5 stock, Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 scope, and undisclosed base and rings.

White Mamba – no docs, no data