Recap of the URSA NorCal Nov ‘21 event

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Mar 30, 2011
Recap of the URSA NorCal Nov ‘21 event (by RD, Lynn Dragoman; build info and comments from Oscar)

Well, we had 5 shooters on the line (7 guns) this Sunday in freezing weather. The wind was switching back and forth but we had 4 shooters qualify to move back to 2586 yards in Match 1. Our own Shaun Brady earned two achievement points (one with each of the two rifles he brought) and qualified for the 3K Match, but in the end our own RickyRacer87 took the first match with 4 hits out of 10 shots at 2586 yards, I was Runner-Up. Congrats to RickyRacer87 on another match win!!!

We had time so we shot a second match and 2 shooters qualified to move back to 2586 yards. When the firing was over yours truly managed to steal a win from RickyRacer87 and to qualify for the 2022 URSA “3000 Yard Challenge” next April.

A huge shot out to RickyRacer87 for spotting for everyone with his newest camera set-up as it is truly a game changer in spotting your shots. He even called my shots in the 2nd match which shows how tight this group of shooters is. Brando you missed a good match and we all hope your dog is doing well!!!

I was pushing 390 grain A-tips at 3075 fps in an 8 twist barrel and they all made the journey without failing.

RickyRacer was shooting 300 gr Hornady A-TIPs out of his Billy Goat Machine/BGM-built .338 LM AI (Ackley Improved) with BGM “OVIS” (Defiance Deviant Tactical) action, Bartlein 31.5” barrel, Manners T5A stock, Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 SFP scope, and ERATAC 0-70 MOA adjustable base/rings.

Lynn was shooting 390 gr. Hornady A-TIPs out of his Billy Goat Machine/BMG-built .375 CheyTac with Stiller TAC 408 (1.600) action, K&P 36” barrel, McMillan 50 LBR stock, and March 5-42x56 (wide angle) scope with Barrett rings and a 60 MOA Pic rail.

As noted, Shaun was shooting two rifles, both of which earned him an achievement point – (1) was running 300 gr. Hornady A-TIPs out of his self-smithed/barreled Savage 116 in 33XC with Bartlein 30” barrel, XLR Evolution chassis, and March-FX 5-42x56 (wide angle) scope in Burris PEPR 30 MOA rings/mount on a Murphy Precision 30 MOA rail; and (2) was running 230 gr. Hornady A-TIPs out of a box-stock Ruger RPR in 300 PRC with Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 scope in Burris PEPR 25 MOA rings/mount on the factory Ruger 30 MOA rail.

Couple of pics added to the Gallery, including camera monitor’s target view at 2586 yards - WOW!
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Dec 22, 2019
Once again it was an amazing day of shooting with friends. It was good to finally get to shoot with Shaun... Hope he can find time to make a few more matches. And Like Lynn said hope the Dog is doing well Brando.
And now the waiting begins until next month, hopefully we'll get one more match in before the weather gets really ugly.