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Redding Competition die for .221 Fireball question


Full Member
Dec 25, 2011
Hello all. My question is if anyone has experience with the Redding Competition bushing neck sizer die for .221 Fireball. I have a Redding Comp bushing neck die for .222 and like it. The thing with the .222 neck die is it will not size all the way to the top of the shoulder. My Wilson hand neck die for the .221 does size very close to the shoulder.With the .221 there is a lot less neck length to work with versus the longer neck of the .222 case. Was wondering if all the Redding neck dies will not size down to or close to the shoulder.Thank you.
Re: Redding Competition die for .221 Fireball question

Mine sizes all the way to the shoulder if I adjust it all the way down.

I normally just size half the neck.