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Results Topstraps Longrange (midrange) Rimfire Challenge


Gunny Sergeant
Full Member
Sep 3, 2009
East side of Ohio
Sorry for the delay in getting this months match report out. Busy all day on Monday and storms have electricity and cell phones down today.. I want to thank eveyrone that came and shot my match. Knowing the cost of gas and ammo it's getting more expensive to do what we enjoy. Was a super busy weekend this month. Not sure what got everyone out to shoot and not sure I could have had many more. I have two benches and sometimes I have help spotting for shooters which speeds things up but if I'm the only one spotting I have to switch back and forth between shooters. Having help spotting lets each shooter run right out thru the racks with the other one behind them. Don't be bashful about offering to help spot, I always have two spotting scopes to use.

This month was a bit different and I might do it again next month, a couple stages were a modified KYL stage with the first 5 being seperate from the last 5. If you missed one in the first half you had to start over with number 1 target, if you made it thru the first 5 they were safe and the second half was a KYL. They also got a lot smaller so you had to know when to quit or possibly start over with number 6 or lose the whole second half if you tried for number 10 and missed it which a few did.

I think letting shooters have some control over their destiny and a few gamble targets worth a few more points but a lot smaller keeps it interesting. The final stage this month was a rack set out at an unknown distance (168 yards) but was pretty easy to quess the distance based on racks around it. Shooters saved one of their 5 available sighters to hit a 7 1/4" plate to verify their guess and then went for 6 targets descending from about 2 inches down to nearly 1 inch. Pretty amazing how many did well on it but two managed to hit all 6 which is way better than I expected. Marc Wright and Cuda Gatten both cleaned it. I took $1.00 from each entry donation and put into a pot for the winner. They will split it but the bragging rights are worth way more than the cash prize.

I talked with a few shooters this month and it got me to thinking, equipment is being upgraded and more shooters are getting high end gear with better technology. I haven't been allowing any benchrest type equipment such as tuners and the fancy 50 pound rests trying to keep it somewhat equal but now that ammo is hard to get and I've allowed shooters to use anything they can find which in most instances seems to be the high end stuff I've seen scores really improve.

So, next month shooters with the tuners can leave them on and we'll see how it goes. I know from other things I've been involved with when average Joe/Jane sees really high end equipment in whatever hobby they are in some feel they just can't compete and they fade away and lose interest. Still no heavy front rests but still bipods and bags have to be used but whatever gun/scope/ammo can be used at least for the next match and see how that works out.

Some really great shooting, Derrick came back on Sunday afternoon and when it was his turn he flew thru the racks only missing 2 targets and stopping on the KYL instead of losing a few points. Very impressive to watch. Maggie Hussell did very well for her first time here with her glow in the dark Green CZ, gonna be tough to keep up with. Another impressive performance was put on by 9 year old Kylie Patton, She was shooting a CZ 457, her Dad had flip charts showing her what each rack looked like, where to aim and and where to hold to correct any hits/misses. She's another girl who's going to be tough to keep up with in the future.

It's just a shame conditions can't be the same for all the shooters, some had it really nice and calm and other had shifting wind. All shot well, was a pleasure to spot and watch each shooter decide on how to hold for conditions and also how to shoot each rack to try and maximize their score. Some gambled and won and other it bit pretty hard but that is part of the challenge. It isn't easy but learning from each shot and what happened to the bullet will slowly pay dividends.

Enough of all that, on to the scores. All ties decided by reverse count. The scores for the bonus target are below the match scores.

1. 87 Derrick Warren CZ 457 Vortex SK Long range
2. 85 Dennis Kirkpatrick Rem 40X Arken SH4 SK Bia.
3. 84 Bob Brown Rem 540X Athlon Polar Bia.
4. 84 Bob Merillat Anschutz 1907 March SK Bia.
5. 83 Derrick Warren Rem 513T Peep Sights SK Long range
6. 83 Matt Gallagher (2) CZ 457 Vortex SE Eley Black
7. 82 Tim Humphrey Vudoo NF SK Bia.
8. 81 Chris Kirkpatrick H&R 12 Peep Sights SK Bia.
9. 81 Rob Jackson H&R 12 SWFA Eley Black
10. 81 Paul Palmisano Anschutz 1700 SWFA Eley Team
11. 81 Dakota Wright Rim-X Vortex SE Eley Black
12. 79 Chris Kirkpatrick Rem 40X Arken SH4 SK Bia.
13. 78 Michael Bass Vudoo NF SK Std.
14. 77 Kenny Arnold CZ 457 Vortex
15. 77 Marc Wright Rim-X Vortex SE Eley Black
16. 76 Randy Wise Anschutz Exemplar Pistol Arken SH4 Center-X
17. 76 Mike Stewart Ruger Precision Athlon Eley
18. 76 Matt Gallagher (1) CZ 457 Vortex SE Eley Black
19. 76 Dave Callipare Vudoo NF SK Bia.
20. 75 Jerry Shaw H&R 12 SWFA SK Bia.
21. 74 Jim Lochary (1) Vudoo NF SK Bia.
22. 74 Alex Ossa CZ 457 SK Long range
23. 73 Jason Grubb CZ 457 Valdada Eley Black
24. 73 Bill Nesbitt CZ 457 Vortex RWS
25. 72 Dan Steyaert Savage MK II SWFA Eley Club
26. 71 Rube Perkins Kidd 10/22 NF SK Bia.
27. 71 Maggie Hussell CZ Athlon Center-X
28. 70 Randy Wise Savage SWFA SK Long range
29. 70 Kylie Patton CZ 457 Athlon SK Bia.
30. 70 Brice Rayner Rem 513T NF SK
31. 70 Karen Marsh CZ Ultra Lux SWFA SK Bia.
32. 69 Butch McCort Walther Bushnell CCI Std.
33. 69 Tom Rayner 541X Leupold SK
34. 68 Wyatt Phillips Bergera Vortex Lapua
35. 67 Chuck Wagner H&R 12 SWFA RWS
36. 67 Shawn Bishop Vudoo Leupold SK Std.
37. 66 Rich Harris Ruger Precision Vortex SK Bia.
38. 65 Tom Emery CZ 457 SWFA Tac-22
39. 65 Jake Slyder (2) Ruger Precision Bushnell SK Bia.
40. 65 Dennis Lawrence Vudoo Bushnell SK Bia.
41. 64 Cuda Gatten CZ 452 Arken SK Bia.
42. 64 Jim Lochary Vudoo NF SK Bia.
43. 62 David Phillips Vudoo Vortex Lapua
44. 59 Scott St.Clair Savage B22 Vortex Venom CCI Std.
45. 52 Jacob Slyder (1) Ruger Precision Bushnell SK Bia.

Bonus stage scores. Pretty amazing shooting, even the ones that didn't get hits were so close it was hard to call where they went off. Everyone did great, I was impressed. Guessing the distance of a target, (168 yards) then making your adjustment based on your hit and going for the small descending circles is a lot harder than it may seem. I sure wouldn't want to be out there peeking over a log if any of them were trying to get me.

A note about the two shooters that shot peep sights. After hitting their sighter plate I did give them the hold off distance for the targets. They both held on the sighter plate and dialed wind in for the distance each target was off to the right of the sighter plate. I think the holdoff was 6 1/4 moa for the first target then 10 moa for the second and 16 I believe for the third. Very impressive shooting. They had both seen this done by a shooter competing at Rayners with peep sights at his 1000 yard matches. Couldn't see the targets but dialed in holdoff based on something he could see on the various racks. So cool to hit things that challenge even the scoped shooters.

1. 6/6 Marc Wright $22.50
1. 6/6 Cuda Gatten $22.50
2. 5/6 Derrick Warren
2. 5/6 Jim Lochary (2)
2. 5/6 Jim Lochary (1)
2. 5/6 Randy Wise
2. 5/6 Dakota Wright
2. 5/6 Matt Gallagher (2)
3. 4/6 Dennis Lawrence
3. 4/6 Bob Brown
3. 4/6 Dennis Kirkpatrick
3. 4/6 Rube Perkins
3. 4/6 Alex Ossa
3. 3/6 Jake Slyder (2)
3. 3/6 Tom Emery
3. 3/6 Rich Harris
3. 3/6 Wyatt Phillips
3. 3/6 Butch McCort
3. 3/6 Chris Kirkpatrick (Shot it with Peep Sights)
3. 3/6 Dan Steyaert
3. 3/6 Jason Grubb
3. 3/6 Jerry Shaw
3. 3/6 Matt Gallagher (1)
3. 3/6 Mike Stewart
3. 3/6 Michael Bass
3. 3/6 Randy Wise
3. 3/6 Rob Jackson
3. 3/6 Chris Kirkpatrick
3. 3/6 Tim Humphrey
4. 2/6 David Phillips
4. 2/6 Brice Rayner
4. 2/6 Bill Nesbitt
4. 2/6 Dave Callipare
4. 2/6 Kenny Arnold
5. 1/6 Chuck Wagner
5. 1/6 Tom Rayner
5. 1/6 Maggie Hussell
5. 1/6 Jacob Slyder
5. 1/6 Derrick Warren (Shot it with Peep Sights)
6. 0/6 Scott St. Clair
6. 0/6 Shawn Bishop
6. 0/6 Karen Marsh
6. 0/6 Kylie Patton
6. 0/6 Paul Palmisano
6. 0/6 Bob Merillat
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