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Rifle Scopes Ring questions


Full Member
Dec 18, 2011
Got a cheap project rifle I picked up; a remington 700 ADL 24" in 308 Win.
putting a vortex viper pst 6-24x50 on it.

Rifle will be a 300-800 yrd target
And a back up whitetail and proghorn hunting rifle. Whitetail engaged at 75-150 yards. Proghorn at 250-400.

My Question are: I see 1 piece bases and 2 piece? Which would I need? Do I really need a moa base (such as a 20 moa) how would that help me?
Quick detach vs fixed mount? I could see this being nice to clean the gun but is QD worth it for my application?
I hunt / shoot in south texas, arizona and south new mexico if that makes any diffrences
Re: Ring questions

Ive been looking at TPS, Talley, and Larue for my rings and bases. Ive heard the larues will stay within 1 moa on removal and remount so long as its put in the same slots. If this is true and it will hold zero id be willing to pay a bit more for them. My scope ring and base budget is about $250
Re: Ring questions

Hey Bri,

You got a lot going on there with that set up. A 20 MOA rail is really only needed for the longer shots, ideally past the 500-600 yards mark. Your PST has plenty of internal adjustmnet for under 600 yards. The bigger issue is if you get the 20 moa base because you plan on shooting 800 yards, a 75 yard shot might not be too easy. You may want to consider a 0 MOA base and maybe a set of Leupold Mark 4 rings with 15 MOA. the 15 moa with the rinsg and the combined internal MOA of the scope will let you get to 800 yards and get you a little closer to be shooting around 100 yards. That is a heck of a lot of magnification for 75-100 yards though.

As for 1 piece to 2 piece, A one piece by definition is a stronger hold in line and will give you a little more room to place your rings for mounting and eye relief. 1 piece bases can interfere a little if loading through teh top and especially if youre wearing gloves.
2 piece bases can interchange between action sizes if you ever flip them to the same model rifle but opposite action size. 2 piece bases also do not interfere with loading at all.
I have both and use both, but I tend to favor a 1 piece rail for most mounts but do like a dual dovetail for a nice classic look.

Trevor B.
Re: Ring questions

As always; thanks for the quick reply Trevor,
If I chop my (reccreational) target range to 600yrds, and maintain engagement hunting distances listed, then is it suggested to use the lower magnification PST?

(You sold me on viper models, and the board convinced me to break my old moa ways and try a mil/mil ....Its halarious when I think about it, im basically building a "community rifle"
Re: Ring questions

Sounds like you've got a good plan. I have used Leupold QRW rings on several rifles for many years, never had a problem returning to zero. I have a 4-16 PST mounted in some Burris XTR rings and it has always gone back to zero as well. you will love the scope by the way. As far as a base is concerned, I would go one piece. You probably dont need to get a tapered base, but the price isn't much different and that way if you ever want to go farther you can. As well as keeping your scope mechanically centered.
Re: Ring questions

At 600 yards and less you would be fine with a 0 moa base, especially with that adjustmnet in the PST models. Personally, from 100-600 yards, I like the 4-16x. if you're trying to do more precision target palcemnet, the 6-24x would help you when your out at 600 yards. For hunting at 300 yards and under, 4-16 is ideal. For general target at 600 or less, 4-16x is also a good choice.

Trevor B.