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Rings or mount for AR?


Sergeant of the Hide
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Jun 2, 2019
Ok gang another stupid AR newbie question. Why does everyone use one piece cantilever mounts to mount LPVOs to their AR?

In almost all the videos I see, it appears there's plenty of room on both the scope and receiver to use regular two piece rings. I would think scopes hanging off long cantilever mount extensions would be very susceptible to getting bent or twisted off zero. Wouldn't having two solid attachment points set far apart directly under the scope be more durable?

Is there something I'm missing? I've never had problems with two piece rings on other rifles before. Why aren't they common on ARs?

Merry Christmas!
Scope mounted with good eye relief. See where that front ring would be? It shouldn't be there so a cantilever base is a better option. You can use rings if your set up will allow both rings on the receiver and on the scope.

Seekins (2).jpg

As for your theory that cantilever mounts "would be very susceptible to getting bent or twisted off zero." If it was true no one would use them. ;)

Got it. Love that movie scene! The rifle and scope you pictured clearly needs the cantilever mount to suit your eye relief. I'm not arguing. Just stating the most of videos I've seen with the rt6 I'm buying and a few others LPVOs didn't over hang as much as yours though. So that's what threw me.
Eye relief. Keep the glass on the receiver rather than bridging to handguard.

Your shooting posture may allow rings alone. I’m a nose to charging handle guy thanks to the Benning School for Boys, so cantilever mount works for me. More offset is better for me.
That would depend on the scope, shooter and how they have it set up. Most all my lvpo scopes I have mounted sit with the scope just like that. If mounting on an AR10 you have some more room.
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Can you guys recommend a good 30 mm mount that's durable without being stupid heavy and hundreds of dollars?
That's a Warne RAMP mount above but I had no need for the rails on the side so took them off. The Warne SKEL works fine and you can find them cheaper if you look around Amazon.

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I have warne and Burris (believe it or not). Both work. Warne is better. Aero Precision is not good in my opinion.
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I'll go with the Warne. I've had good luck with their rings and rails
I've had good experience with Warn too, but I prefer my Bobro mounts because I can take them off and put them back on without loss of zero. Also if I need to put a 1-10 on instead of another scope, I just leave the scope in the bobro mount and put the other scope, which is also in a bobro on, and away I go, but that does require a zero check, which is always very small 1 click adjustment.