Ruger Predator vs Hunter vs Savage 110 Tactical


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Jan 3, 2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado
I'm looking at one of these rifles for hunting and just for fun long range. They each have qualities I like and don't like. The Predator has a lighter barrel (almost too light though) and decent action but crappy stock, while the Hunter has a nice stock and action but the barrel almost seems too heavy (the gun is like 9.3lbs) and the Savage has a good barrel config and nicer stock, but I haven't always been the biggest fan of their actions.

Ideally I'd take the Magpul stock, Ruger action and Savage barrel but obviously I can't do this at my budget to build a custom build. Overall I guess I am leaning towards the Savage but not sure about the action overall. If I had to take a second choice I'd go with the cheaper Ruger Predator and wait for the Oryx chassis to come into stock.

Any words of wisdom that might help out? Thanks!


Oct 20, 2018
I have not used one of the Rugers, but I have gone through 4 savages, and I got rid of them all. They are not as cheap as they used to be, and I disliked the heavy actions. I've heard people refer to the Ruger American/Ranch as a poor mans Tikka. More chassis options for the Savage but still not worth it IMO. I'd give the Ruger a shot.


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Feb 27, 2013
I have a Savage Ridge warrior 6.5 and a high country .28 AI. Both are great and shoot under 5/8 moa all day. Both lift is really not seems on par with my Remington 700.


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Dec 9, 2013
NE Indiana
I have nwtf (won it in raffle) predator in 22-250.
Bolt is spiral fluted but is sloppy as hell. Trigger was better than I expected. Have put very few rds thru it at this point, but it should do well as a yote gun


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  • Feb 27, 2019
    Buddy owns a Ruger predator in 308. The green stock 18” barrel. Shoots very well.

    I own a Ruger ranch in 556. It’s a 1/2 moa gun with Hornady steel match 55 HP

    Savage was a player in the game 10 years ago. You can get much nicer setups for the same $$ now

    Tikka T3X
    Ruger Predator

    Just a couple good choices I’ve used. And yes I’ve owned and still own my fair share of savages


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  • Jan 16, 2020
    I tried buying two Ruger rifles. Both times the action was so poorly toleranced I had to heave and hoe to get the bolt to move and handed them back to the guy behind the counter and said goodbye. Could have been a bad batch but it was 4 months apart at two different stores in two different states.

    I ended up for my first "precision rifle" with a Savage 12FV that included a 26" heavy barrel. It was a trend at the time to get one of those from Cabelas and put it in a stock or chassis. I did the chassis route (MDT) and I installed a bolt lift kit that lightens the bolt lift and it's as light now as any custom I've come across. The Savage actions (especially the non-blueprinted ones) do want to bind some when cycling in after ejection if you are being a cave man, but I rarely notice it in real life. I do notice it when I'm on the bench and have time to be picky and if I intentionally make the bind happen but in a PRS match I really never do so I end up being happy with my 12FV despite all odds.

    Look, this entire forum is anti-Savage. I'm not going to run out and buy another Savage myself, but the ones I have all have never been anything but sub-MOA out of the box and the aforementioned 12FV will do .5 MOA with any match ammo using a Sierra MatchKing bullet. There's great aftermarket barrel support for Savage and the barrels are easy to install. The included trigger is light - not god's gift, but good.

    That all said... I'd save your money and get yourself a TIkka. You can rebarrel one of those with a prefit just fine later, too. Better action design, too. But of your options, honestly I'm going to say the Savage. Just make sure you test the action out thoroughly before buying.


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  • Nov 27, 2009
    Ingleside, Tx
    If you're on a budget, Howa is worth a look.
    RemArms is shipping rifles. Don't know if they have addressed the QC issues that helped to sink that ship.
    I have been fairly impressed with the Ruger American, though the stocks leave something to be desired.
    Bergara is worth a look as well.
    Tikka rifles are a solid bet, Beretta customer service sucks balls in the event you need it.


    Apr 19, 2021
    Got a 110 tactical in 6.5 around Christmas when they ~15% off. Like it a lot. Shoots well, action is fine IMO but is smoothing out the more I shoot it. Comes in around 14# with scope and bipod. I like 10 round AICS mag for range but not hunting. Going to pick up 5 round for hunting. I also second the guy on the 12FV. I picked up one used and it shoots great. Dropped it into a Boyds AT-One. I have model 11 in 7mm-08. Much lighter rifle but I add some modeling clay into the butt stock to add weight after hunting season is over and it is mostly a range gun. I have been able to get it out to 1300 y. I have had good luck with Savage and would buy another.


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    Feb 25, 2017
    I have a shitload of Savages from years back. With some work they can be plenty capable. They are accurate out of the box, but they have a plethora of potential reliability issues. I have moved on to custom actions, but of the choices I would pick the savage. If you can find a Howa or a Tikka that fits your budget you will have a better action.

    I have not owned a Bergara, but I have fondled a few that friends use for coyote guns. The cheap b14 actions are slick as owl shit. They take 700 triggers and stocks, so they would be a good transition to a custom action at some point if you so choose. On the internet ;-) they seem to have more qc issues than other brands.


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  • Mar 8, 2014
    I've got two Ruger Predator models and love them both. Accurate for a cheap gun. Put one in a Magpul stock and it's a little heavier than it's counterpart now but tolerable for lugging around in the field. Friend has Savage rifles and I've never been a fan of their stocks either. they are fairly accurate with factory ammo and better with handloads. And the Ruger barrels swap like the Savage as well.


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    Dec 18, 2019
    I have a Predator in a Magpul stock that is very accurate, under a half minute if I can do my part. The one thing I’m not the most fond of is the bolt handle…they can be switched but it’s more of a pain as they don’t thread on.