Rifle Scopes S&B Elevation Zero Stop Problems


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Mar 30, 2010
Maui, Hawaii
Recently I purchased an S&B 3-12x50 with CCW/MTC turrets. Went out and zeroed the rifle this past week everything OK on that end. Later that day went to give the rifle a wipe down before storing, and started to function check the windage and elevation. Windage was fine, but when I got to the elevation turret I noticed it would not turn past 11 mills. Since this is a double turn its supposed to move up to the second #s on the top parts of the turret and that indicator portion on the top of the turret is supposed to rise as well. Tried removing cap and turning that slott on the underside like the instructions recomended, but to no avail either, slot was partialy block with by another piece of metal, it not like other S&B's with the black/yellow window there wasn't an extra piece of metal covering the slot on those. Anyone have any idea's; is it possible that I maxed out the elevation. Function was working fine when I first got the scope, why the problem now?