Sake A7 Routhtech in 7MM Magnum...


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May 2, 2008
Gentlemen, has been some time since I have logged on to this forum. In the mean time I have purchased a Sako A7 Roughtech in 7MM magnum. Rifle has a 26” fluted black matt bbl. I have seasoned the bbl. via a 50 shot break in series. This was shooting 168 SMK Sierras. These shot to just under 1/2” @ 100 yds. Off the bench. Like the rifle, a bit heavy, but will deal with it. Adjusted trigger to 2# crisp. Can anyone offer up load data that they have success with. My stores include 160 Accubonds, 162 SST, 140 BT, 139 SST. Lots of different powders, too many to list.
Thank you all in advance for any help extended. MTG