Savage Mk II Build


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Jun 15, 2010
Ashton, Idaho
Just picked up a Mk II for $189 this week and I am going to order a boyds tacticool stock. Glass is a Nikon Monarch 3-12 SF with BDC (got this scope for christmas from father in law). What ammo have you guys had the best luck with for this gun? Also, I wish it had a bigger bolt knob, and I have heard you can dip it multiple times in rubber coating for tools and then shape the rubber after it dries. Has any one tried this or is there a better idea? Any suggestions on the build are welcome...


Gunny Sergeant
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Jul 19, 2008
Re: Savage Mk II Build

you may find a few things i've done with my "walmart" rifle interesting / helpfull, especially the do it yourself bolt knob: LOW BUDGET .22 TRAINER - start to "finish"

ammo that has shot well through it:

1. wolf (both match target and match extra)
2. sk (match and standard plus)
3. aguila match rifle
4. rem. sub sonics (at 50 yards)
5. federal gold medal

on the higher velocity / bulk side:

1. CCI blazer
2. winchester super x
3. federal lightning
4. federal bulk at 50 yards

@ 50 yards, it will do well with just about everything, out further (100 yards + ) is where the match ammos really outshine the rest.

i too was going to get a boyd's for this one or my mkii bv, but i snoozed and the lower price was gone. i'm too cheap to pay the full price, plus the modifications i've made to the original stocks are suiting me fine, though the more pronounced pistol grip would be an added improvement.

i'm still kicking around the idea of bedding it.