Scope choice for rimfire benchrest?

Grey Kiwi

Jan 27, 2022
Richmond, New Zealand
Folks, I have a CZ457 (it has 11mm dovetail).
I use it for .22 rimfire, indoors benchrest at 25 yards. Love it. Very nice accurate rifle.
Started with a Leupold 45x45 Competition scope (bought 2nd hand). It focused down to 25 yards OK (which was at the very end of it's adjustment).
It was fine for a couple of weeks and then started to lose it's focus as I shot a 10 round card (3 sighters, and then 1 shot each ring so max of 13 shots each card).
Then if I adjusted the focus, the POA shifted by a few clicks.
So, sent the Leupold back (it was supplied on a 'try & buy' basis).
Now I have two choices...a Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60 (I think these are called a 'Big Nikko'). Made in Japan. Has side focus.'s a very large scope physically. 30mm Sportsman/NSN105060MD.html
Or a Nikko Stirling Target Master 8-32x50 (new/old stock Made in Japan). Has AO focus.
A local gun shop has closed down and getting rid of all old stock.
I think the 8-32 would be a smaller/neater setup but is the 32x magnification 'big enough'?
The Leupold at 45x was fine. How much smaller will my target rings look at only 32x?
Price wise the Nikko Diamond is twice the price of the Target Master.
I think that optically both scopes would be of comparable quality.
Your thoughts?