Rifle Scopes Shooting at 1 Mile - Will an S&B 5-25 get me there?


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I need some help. I have a Barrett 98B chambered in 338 Lapua. I want to shoot it out to 1 mile. I would like to use the Barrett BORS coupled with a S&B 5-25.

With only 65 MOA (22 MRAD) of adjustment will the S&B get me out to that distance, or will I come up short for elevation. I will of course be adding a canted mount of 30 - 40 MOA.

The BORS system is only compatible with certain Nightforce, Leupold & S&B scopes. Since I want a first focal plane scope for this rifle, it rules out the Nightforce.

If any of you guys have this set up or something similar and can provide me some advice I would appreciate it.


Lieutenant Patrick
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Jul 19, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
On my DTA I have an S&B 5-25 on a 20MOA mount. For my 338lm I use 16.5 mils to get to 1760.

Don't know squat about the BORS system.

Have fun, brother.


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Mar 14, 2013
Yes, maybe you might need a 40 MOA cant... If you're shooting beyond a mile...

The S&B has 100 MOA internal adjustment. That is around 28 mrad.

But with a 20 mount base you get close to 70 MOA (50 up and down from the scope + 20 on the base). With a 40 MOA base you get 90 MOA elevation.

The S&B is designed for aggresive canting (30 MOA - 40 MOA) it says so in the manual. Some people don't like to cant their scopes so much because they believe they won't be able to zero at close ranges. Which in some cases is true. Not the case with all the internal elevation these high end scopes have.
Finally some believe that having the scope canted aggresively makes the erector tube be at its limit therefore degrading short range image quality...

Personally I'd go with a 30 MOA cant for that application...
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