Should I consider parallax on my optic choice for 200 yards or less AR 300 blk?


Jun 29, 2020
Austin, TX
Does parallax adjustment really matter for a 200 yard and less hunting 300 blackout build?

I have a 10” 300 blackout that has been used with a Trijicon Accupoint 1-6x24 for a couple of years. I like the scope, and have taken deer and pigs up to 200 yards no problem with 110gr vmax but I am wanting a bit more mag and better low light performance. This is for thick central Texas hill country.

i think my scenario pushes me into the 2-10xish category that has objective bells from 36 to 56mm.

My price range is less than $1,500, preferably $1,000 or less. The best glass on this range probably I’ve found unfortunately has fixed parallax,namely Trijicon Credo, Leupold VX-5 and Nightforce SHV.

Am I overthinking this that the Primary Arms GLx 2.5-10x44 is the way to go bc of parallax adjustment? Or do I just go for the best deal I can find for Trijicon (some good prices on Euro Optic right now) Nightforce vs Leupold bc if the name brand and assumed better glass?

FFP vs SFP doesn’t matter for this purpose. Weight isn’t the biggest concern bc it’s a light rifle. Even with up to 28 oz scope I think it’s fine.


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Feb 4, 2019
Paralax matters a lot if you are shooting at something very small or far away for precision. 300BO and hogs do not seem like it will matter much.

It can be very nice to have in terms of a sharper image on higher magnification, especially if most of your shooting is much closer than the factory fixed parallax setting.

I am spoiled in terms of sharp images, but have no issues shooting 1-6x LPVO out to 200 @ 2 MOA in blackout, which should be fine for hogs.

I would go SFP so the reticle is still easy to see on low magnification. As long as you are happy with the image quality of the scope, I would not worry about parallax.


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  • Aug 26, 2013
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    For your purposes, I don't think it matters. My LVPO on my .300 BLK doesn't have parallax adjustment and I shoot out to 200 with subs, no problem.
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