Small pistol primers


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Mar 11, 2010
A little here, a little there
I've been patiently waiting to find small pistol primers at a normal price. Found CCI small pistol primers yesterday $30.00 a brick. Hope others are finding them, and at that price also. I wouldn't pay the $25 for 525 rounds of .22 LR. I'll wait. I guess my patience is getting better because there is no way I was paying $55 a brick for primers 3 weeks ago at a local gun show. Same dealer had a few bricks of .22 LR for $100.

Same place had primers a few weeks ago at $35 a brick. Didn't pay that either.

Hang in there. I believe prices will come back down.

The weird thing is, through all this bullet prices have not gone up in price, nor powder. Powder has been easy to find. Bullets, not so much. So why is it always primers that go up in price and not other components.

I said heck with it and started pouring my own bullets for my .45 and 9mm. Now if my sizing press heat pad will just show up I'll be GTG.