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Firearms SOLD FN SPR 308win custom

banshee sws

Tennessee Pusher
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FN Herstal spr custom barreled bolt action rifle. Near manuf. 20 MOA base.
Factory Detachable Mag bottom metal takes original 4 rounders,
20" varmint contour, Rock Creek stainless barrel chambered in 308 Winchester
Cerakoted tan - left side chamber area says ‘Embrace Your Rifle’

Barrel work and cerakote done by Rock Creek
McMillan A3 stock OD green molded in, no pillars

Round count - 420 mostly factory match

Barreled action with factory bottom metal and 1 mag / $1250 shipped
Mcm A3 stock only - 475$ shipped

Entire rifle - no scope, sling, no bipod, - $1700 shipped/ insured full value
Target is from 3 weeks ago, 100 yds off bipod with factory 175 OTM match B.hills

No trades except - PSA Sabre 10a1 16” AR10 or POF AR10 16”


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