Firearms SPF: AXMC kit 338, 300, 308


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Jan 13, 2010
Snohomish, Wa.
For sale: AXMC Kit, includes:
-Accuracy International AXMC 338LM 20" rifle 40rd fired on bbl
-Factory 300 Norma Magnum barrel, 26" thd 5/8x24 40rd fired on bbl
-Factory 300 WM barrel, cut to 21.75" thd 5/8x24 100rd fired on bbl
-Proof CF 300 WM barrel, 26" thd 5/8x24 30rd fired on bbl
-Hawk Hill 308 barrel, 18" thd 5/8x24 60rd fired on bbl
- 300WM bolt body
- 308 bolt body
- 2x 338 magazines
- 1x 300WM magazine
- 1x 308 magazine
- SA mag adapter
-40rd 300 NM Hornady 225gr
-20rd 300 NM Norma 230gr
-40rd 338 LM Hornady 285gr

This setup was about $12k to assemble, and the rifle is in great condition with only a few scratches from brass ejecting, etc. The front edge the first lug on the receiver rail has been modified slightly, see pics for detail, to clear a particular scope I had mounted. This mod should not negatively affect function, and was only made because I thought I would never sell the rifle. In the past couple years I haven't been able to shoot much, so it's just collecting dust, and I could use the money for home or car stuff. That being said, I'm not desperate or in any hurry to sell this. I would prefer to sell as a package so I don't get stuck with accessories I can't use, so I will give this a few weeks before entertaining offers to part out.

Asking $10k shipped and insured - SPF

I'm mostly looking for cash, but some items I would consider for partial trade are:
Bighorn Origin action SA or LA
Proof CF blank 308 10tw 18" or 22"
TT 315 LRH
S&B 4-16 PMII ST L/P Gen 2 MD


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