Night Vision  SPF Halo LR and Grendel upper


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May 7, 2018
East Bernard, Texas
Moving to the the XRF so going to let this one rip, we've got another little one on the way and I'm not about to explain to a pregnant woman why I have two thermals again.

Purchased May of 20 and has had zero issues. Lenses are free of scratches and were always covered when moving around. Comes with all of the factory gear except the rubber eye cup, but that has been replaced with a buttler creek flip cap. Been a great optic, if I didn't think the wife would 187 my ass I'd keep it.

The upper is a 12.5" 6.5 Grendel PSA upper, approximately 250-300 rounds on it all suppressed with the gas block set to launch brass to the stratosphere. I've been really impressed with this upper, it's worked great despite having moon dust in it from riding around a lot. I've never put it to any kind of serious accuracy test, but it kills the piss out of pigs from 0-300 with minimal effort. Comes with 4 mags (1 elander, 1 c products, one ar stoner short mag and one random 6.8 short mag that feeds great..go figure). 200 rounds of 90 gr tnt and 100 rounds of 123gr eld black. The 90gr stuff is awesome from a 12.5 for pigs, the lower velocity keeps it from fragging out and it expands similar to a soft point.

I'd like to sell this as a package, but might split it up if the optic sells.

Shipping and insurance on my dime up to $200, I'd prefer to overnight this, but if your ass lives in Alaska I'm gonna need to meet ya in the middle on shipping.

Halo+upper+ammo: $6,300

Wire transfer, certified bank check, US postal money order or pay pal. More pics, video ect available for those who are interested.
Possibly partial trade considerations for a scar17 or les baer/nh/wilson in the commander sized flavor.

First I'll take it in the thread trumps anything else.


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