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Summary on America’s Changing Immigration Laws


Banned !
Aug 25, 2022
Allowing anyone into America regardless of national origin has allowed the communists that fled WWII Germany to achieve power through ‘democracy’. For hundreds of years America restricted who was allowed to become a citizen based on race and national origin. This began with the Naturalization Act of 1790.

Immigration law in this country wasn’t touched for another 204 years, until the 1924 Johnson Act was passed. This law barred immigration from certain countries and set quotas on immigrants from elsewhere. Specifically, this law limited immigrations for persons of any nationality to three percent of that nationality present in the United States in 1910, percent, with an annual admission limit of 356,000 immigrants.

Everything was going great in America until a radical political activist from the House of Representatives began chipping away at America’s longstanding immigration policies.

Emmanuel Celler, the son of Jewish immigrants from Germany, was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1923, one year before the Johnson Act was passed. Can you guess what his first acts as politician were? He was vehemently opposed to the Johnson Act as it limited how many members of his tribe could infiltrate America. He spent the rest of the decade giving speeches and writing letters in favor of abolishing the Johnson Act.

Emmanuel Celler’s political activism continued for decades, and he was finally successful in changing the face of America and its demographics forever when he sponsored the Hart-Celler Act signed into law by Lyndon B. Johnson.

This single piece of legislation has been the most detrimental signed into law in America’s history. This law reversed almost half a century of immigration law, eliminated the National Origins Quota, and opened America to the third-world. For example, within 20 years of its passing, a quarter of El Salvador’s entire country had moved into the United States.

We were forced to partake in the world’s largest multi-cultural experiment, and look where it’s gotten us. Interracial crime has skyrocketed, race relations remain at an all time low, and the people being let into this country don’t even hide how much they hate you, your family, and your culture. Our major cities, once the pinnacle of human achievement, are reduced to rubble and crime. Jobs are sent overseas and entire neighborhoods are put out of work in the name of global capitalism.

The fact is, different groups of people just can’t coexist peacefully with each other, it goes against nature.

The communists won and run both political parties in the United States. There are only two ways forward, peacefully or violently. I’ve laid out the blueprint to fix the damage peacefully, specifically by reversing the 1965 Hart Celler amendment, repatriating its beneficiaries and their dependents, then reinstating the National Origins Quotas of the Johnson Act.

Emphasis must be placed on restricting immigration of ethnic groups to their number present at a prior time in American history, and specifically restricting ethnic groups from achieving political power to a fixed number representative of their population in America.

I believe the violent option is more likely, as I am not someone that believes America’s communist rulers will allow us to simply vote ourselves out of this situation. The book America Balkanized by Brent Nelson is an excellent writeup on how America is headed to a Union breakup because of all the hostile people and cultures being let into it.

https://cosmotheistchurch.org/product/a ... -hardback/

Separate from a secession, peaceful or otherwise, it seems that if America doesn’t split into two or more smaller countries, its communist leaders will continue to buy defense stocks and drag it into foreign wars until the nuclear option is reached. At that point, we’ll have to pick up the scraps and start over.
It has 0 to do with ethnicity...

You ever met a fucking Cuban?...you'll be hard pressed to find a more conservative group of people across the board.

I used to work for a Muslim guy from Uganda...dude fucking loved the constitution more than I do...

Fuck, look at Portland ...full of white Americans who hate America.

We need to be restricting immigration based on compatibility with the American way of life...not based on race.
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If the government won't persuade the invaders to leave then maybe the frigid temperatures will.

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