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Airborne Falcon

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Oct 18, 2005
Capital City, SC
I've now got two years now, behind a piece of SC Vector glass and I have to say, for the money, it is impressive.

I know I am going to catch $#!+ for this, but has anyone else tried one yet?

My first foray into Sunclear was in the sixties. My Grandpappy bought a set of Sunclear Binos ... I still use them today. They are chinese made today - admittedly. But for the price and for an an entry piece of glass, they are hard to beat.

TAC Vector Optics - TAC Vector Optics Hunting Riflescopes

I was looking for inexpensive glass for the Son's Savage, decent relief, solid warranty, clarity, etc. Have been pleasantly surprised without breaking the bank.



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Dec 11, 2018
Oyster Bay New York
I see this is a very old post, but I have to say I agree with thr sentiments. I purchased a Vector Taurus on a lark, as it was on sale for about $360. The glass is amazing. The quality is real nice, the turrets track, and the brightness and clarity of the image is on par or better than LOW glass. For the price, its probably the best deal out there. I liked the Taurus so much, I bought one of their top of the line Vector Continental scopes.

The eyebox and 4 inches of eye relief make it perfect for my 338LM. The turrets on the Continental are just as crisp as the Primary Arms Gold series, but smaller. Time will tell on reliability, but I am a fanboy now.