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Oct 14, 2011
#1 Knights panels not sure on the version.
I had a couple of different URX rails, so I couldn’t tell you for sure if these work on any URX. let me know if you need specifics
$35 SOLD

#2 Tab Gear Shooting mat Coyote
Like new, I used it maybe once and not in the mud

#3 Tab Gear Suppressor cover OD - used
Some of the black material rubbed off when pulled in and out of the TacOps bag’s suppressor pouch. Was used with and sized for a TBAC 30p-1
$50 shipped

#4 Wiebad Mini Tac Pad Coyote - Like New

#5 Railscales 1911 Full size grips Ambi Cut - Like new
$95 *** SOLD

#6 (2) AR15 Ambi safeties - Used
$40 *** SOLD

#7 Vortex 30mm Precision Match Rings Med - excellent condition

#8 Vortex 34mm Precision Match Rings Med - 1.1” excellent condition

#9 Redding Big Boss II Press excellent condition, comes with the small/large primer sets
$200 *** SOLD

#10 RCBS Hand Primer - original version that requires a shell holder. Has one issue, the primer ram will fall out if held upside down. Still works otherwise. Comes with large and small primer rams
$30 SPF

#11 Area 419 5/8x24 Hellfire suppressor mount. Makes a direct thread can fit the hellfire adapters
$65 SOLD


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