TBAC ....... Customer for life!


May 20, 2012
Farmington, New Mexico
Just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know how awesome these products and people are.
I sent my can in for a free annual cleaning and inspection as I was having some issues with a recently re-barreled 6.5 PRC. Long story short I was having several issues with new barrel and sent the rifle back. It’s a production / semi custom from a large and reputable company that I won’t mention as the dust hasn’t quite settled and I want to give em an opportunity to make things right.

William at TBAC called me to discuss what he found shortly after they received my can. He said he could tell by the wear pattern on the thread insert that the shoulder on the host weapon wasn’t square. It was making very limited contact even though to the eye and feel it appeared to be seated. He let me know I had in fact had a strike. They are currently cleaning my can and he assured me they’d take care of me...... that easy. No bs, no questioning my intelligence. Top shelf customer service even when the issue wasn’t a fault on their end.

Awesome product and people. I’ve had my 6.5 Ultra 7 Direct Thread For several years now and have used it on several different barrels / rifles. I also have the 22 Takedown and it’s been flawless.

Greatly appreciate the crew at TBAC.
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