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SOLD Terminus Helios Barreled Long Action 300 Norma Mag


Third Eye
Full Member
Sep 13, 2018
Socialist Republic of Maryland
For sale is a Terminus Helios barreled action chambered in 300 Norma Mag. The Helios is now called the Kratos, same design. 424 rounds, documented if requested.

I am selling the rifle due to shooting more PRS and want to build a second rifle so I do not have to continually re-zero when I change barrels on my Zeus. I would like to keep my main match gun zeroed in one specific caliber. The action is super smooth. I wish my Zeus was as smooth as this action.


Here is the info:
Terminus Helios Action
.590” Bolt Face
40 MOA rail- it can be removed/ replaced with a 20 MOA ( not included)
Bartlein 30” Heavy Varmint 5R 1:8 barrel- The reamer used was a Manson CIP 300 Norma Mag.
Muzzle is threaded 3/4x28
Matching Terminus action wrench will be included.

$1600 shipped insured



I will provide a little loadout info. I was shooting the 230 SMK @ 3090 fps, with no pressure signs. I definitely could have pushed it more, but the range had a speed limit and I did not want to burn the barrel out prematurely. I am using Lapua brass and Norma 217 powder. I did a little testing with Reloader 33 and it looked solid. I also tried some 208 AMAX and it grouped really well with them also. WIth a APA Fat Bastard muzzle break and the rifle weighing 18 lbs, it was very pleasant to shoot, maybe not for the people next to me.

I shoot sub MOA Groups and single digit SD with it, once I figured out the load. I leared a lot about reloading and the process while owning this rifle.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. If you purchase the barreled action and would like the barrel shortened or the muzzle thread pitch changed, I can take care of that.

I will be selling most of the reloading components once this barreled action sells- Dies, 100 pieces Lapua Brass, 50 pieces Norma Brass, 300+ 230SMK bullets

If you are interested in anything I can definitely make a deal.



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