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The Ass Kicking Will Continue Until Marksmanship Improves

Trigger Monkey

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  • Apr 29, 2005
    Winchester Virginia
    I spent another day at the range today working my iron sighted 10/22 and Ruger Mk II pistol.


    I started out with the pistol shooting a dot torture drill and then transitioned to an Appleseed pistol qualification target at 7 yards. The PQT has some mandatory reloads, which are made a little more challenging by the MK II's heel mounted magazine release. I felt like it took me forever and caused me to rush shots so I didn't time out.


    I moved back to 25 and got everything sorted out for another run at the AQT. I shot one last weekend for the first time and did pretty good but I was trying out a new sling so I wanted to see it felt like I did better, worse, or about the same with it. Well, I think the tempo was set by the very first round where I got a stove pipe malfunction, had to clear that, realized I had a dead trigger, ejected a live round, and spent the next precious bit of time finding it on the ground and putting it in my pocket. By some miracle I had enough time to shoot the remaining eight rounds, load that single into the mag, and shoot all 10 before the timer went off. Things didn't improve on the sitting stage....I got into position well enough but when I made the mag transition I tried to put the 10 rounder in backwards and again felt like I spent way to long unfucking that. I finally got the new mag in just in time to start blasting, getting all rounds on a target in time. The prone stages went better but I still felt like I was rushing myself and not taking the time to make sure I had a good sight picture and it shows. Somehow squeaked out a 227/250 so good enough but down from my range trip last weekend.


    I'm really enjoying the back to basics aspect to this rifle with the loop sling and even though it's all at 25 yards, there aren't any gimme's, I still need to execute proper fundamentals and it's kinda obvious where I fucked that up along the way.

    The iron sights I have on the 10/22 have a LR aperture that's supposed to add 5.9 MOA to get you relatively on target at 100 yards but when I tested it at 25 yards I was more like 7.5 MOA high so I'm going to test that tomorrow I think.
    I'm gonna have to shoot both of those again when it dries up a bit.

    Just to piss everyone off.
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    The iron sights I have on the 10/22 have a LR aperture that's supposed to add 5.9 MOA to get you relatively on target at 100 yards but when I tested it at 25 yards I was more like 7.5 MOA high so I'm going to test that tomorrow I think.
    What aperture is that? I'd kinda like to try one out.
    It's a Tech Sights TSR100 set for the Ruger 10/22
    Sorry, misunderstood and thought you'd replaced the Tech-Sights aperture with something different. So the LR one adds ~6 MOA? I'll have to play around with mine, they don't seem to be standard A1 or A2 apertures.
    I went back to the range today to dope out the LR aperture on these Tech Sights to see what they are capable of or rather what I'm capable of with them. The paperwork on the sights says that flipping to the LR sight on a 18 1/2" barrel adds about 6 MOA, which TS says will pretty much put me dead on at 100 yards. CCI SV is running 1,000 fps out of my rifle so I plugged the data into Strelok Pro, that gave me a 12:00 hold to work off of. To give myself the best chance for accuracy I shot these groups from the bench using my tripod with saddle as a front rest and a rear bag support.

    The below target are the first couple of 10 round groups, the first group put four inside the diamond with the other six the ones just outside at 5:00. I buckled down on the second group of 10 and that's them just low of the center diamond. The X-Y group size is 4 3/4" X 3 5/16".


    I put 10 rounds on a clean target to confirm the hold and got the below results. The X-Y group size on it is 3 5/8" X 2 1/2".


    I repeated the process with CCI Mini Mags and interestingly enough, I had to use a dead hold for those, probably because they're going about 150fps faster. At the end of the session I shot three 10-round mags of the CCI SV's slung up and I messed up my hold on the first mag which increased the size of the group greatly but it is what it is, the X-Y of the aggregate group was 8 5/8" X 5 1/2".

    So, to summarize, when you flip the LR aperture up you are gaining approximately 6 MOA but depending on your rifle and ammunition you may need to hold higher to be in the center at 100 yards. It seems like it was designed around CCI Mini Mags or similar .22LR high velocity ammunition.
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