The most dangerous animal in your state.


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Jul 20, 2020
Louisiana. Probably a toss up between the Timber Rattler and the Cotton Mouth. Though I must say the Black Bear is making a comeback. Of course, tick and mosquito spread diseases are always present. And though verified attacks in our state are practically non-existent, Alligators have been seen as large as 13 feet.

But the critter making the biggest mess of human beings is the RED BUG. So tiny they are microscopic, but the welts they leave on a fellow look more like when he is being hit with 105 howitzer round.
Fire ants prey on chiggers and so for awhile the redbug problem was eliminated but they're coming back. I walked through a field of blue bonnets this spring and paid the price.

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  • May 20, 2006
    Winnipeg, Mb.
    Up here, our 'biggest' threat is the Polar Bear. That being said, more folks have been bothered by Moose over the years. We've got a healthy population of Black Bears here too, but they are timid in comparison.

    Insects such as tick's, mosquito's, and black-flies are a daily concern. When you literally see 'clouds' of the flying bastards, you know it's time to un-ass the vicinity.

    Flame-throwers should be on EVERYONE'S Christmas list.