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Firearms Tikka CTR 308 Win McMillan A3-5 Badger EFR


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Feb 3, 2022
No components available for sale separately. Cash or Zelle on pick up and BOS with TX DL.

$2350 local pick up in Dallas, TX

-Tikka T3x RH Blued action approx 500 rounds
-.473" BF DLC bolt CTR handle
-Factory 0 MOA CTR rail
-Factory Tikka TAC A1 2 stage trigger
-Factory Tikka CHF 20" CTR 308 Win 1:10 barrel 50 rounds
-Factory thread protector
-CTR AICS DBM Conversion, edit 4.20.24 changed back to CTR
-McMillan A3-5 stock in marble camo w/LOP spacers
-Area 419 14" ARCA Rail and barricade stop
-Wiebad cheek pad
-11 lbs weight as listed
-Badger EFR rattle can
-Armageddon Gear 52" precision rifle case no longer included
-No optic/mount/MD/suppressor/bipod/mag

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If you decide to part it out, im interested in the stock setup, and am in Dallas aswell