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To bed or not to bed Manners LRH


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Feb 14, 2017
Cutt n Shoot, TX
Have a project in with the smith right now that is close to being done. Bighorn origin in 6.5 creed in a manners LRH. I’ve been using manners stocks with Gen 2 the mini chassis for a while now and have yet to have a need for bedding them. However these are a little different since it’s the bare bedding block interfacing with the DBM on one side and the action on top. Normally I’ll just shoot it and let the gun tell me what it’s going to do but in this case we’re getting into hunting season already and I don’t really have time to get the rifle back to Dallas if I find I need it. What results or experience have y’all had?
I wouldn't bed it. I have had a couple of hump backed remington actions, that didn't play well with the mini chassis. that needed a little glob under the rear tang. I don't think the bottom metal being separate will make much difference, aside from people probably have some latch problems with some bottom metals. For the most part mini chassis for me have been plug and play.
I've put about a dozen of my personal rifles in mini chassis and have done several in chassis that we bedded. All of my personal comp guns are just bolted up in the chassis with no issues. If I thought I would get some added accuracy I would happily bed them but I like the fact I can swap stuff around if needed.

I'm also putting my money where my mouth is and building 20 of my own rifles with our chassis and plan on just bolting them in.

Hope this helps.
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I built a Mack ti action 6.5 cm on a LRH and shot it. It shot ok, but thought I could get better accuracy from the setup. I bedded it and it improved worthy of have done it. This will be my go to deer mountain rifle. With 300+ rounds thru it, I put 2 156 EOL Bergers 1.75" apart at 948yrds. Not that I will shoot an animal that far. But great performance out of a 20" suppressed barrell. Love my Manners!!!
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I am in the same situation as yourself. Just got everything together this afternoon and shot ut for thr first time. It shot well with only 10 rounds down the tube so im not sure if I will bed it this season or not.

I honestly went with the mini chassis to keep from having to bed it. The only part that I've thought hard about bedding is the recoil lug and that's just for consistency and piece of mind
I didn't receive any spec sheet with my LRH with M5 mini chassis, anyone know the torque specs for the action screws on these?
I didn't receive any spec sheet with my LRH with M5 mini chassis, anyone know the torque specs for the action screws on these?
I believe max is 65 in/lbs. I run all mine at 50 just for consistency across all my rifles so I don't have to remember.