Towanda Pa R&P Club Saturday July 3, 2021 F-Class bench Results.


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Apr 7, 2014
Saturday July 3 Bench match started with threats of a downpour, then clearing skies.
First relay stage two, the skies opened and it RAINED. Relay two lucked out with little
adversities. Competitor Jerry Frost with 3 100 and 21X targets going for him, had ammo
and rain problems and dropped out. Stacey White also DNF reason undetermined.
Jerry and Stacey, Next shoot , No Entry Fee. Those of us who survived the worst
weather in FOUR YEARS of shooting are as follows. Good Shooting guys.
1.Ron Moxley 400-36X ($75)
2.Roger Zettlemoyer 400-34X ($50)
3. Timothy O'Marra 400-31X ($25)
4.Claytom Merrill 400-29X
5.Albert Hull 400-28X
6. Tied , Dave Bennett and Ken Raker 400-27X
7.Paul Lloyd 400-26X
8.John Miller 399-35X
9. Don Curry 399-27X
10.TIED, David Merrell and Mike Deleski 399-26X
11. Dave Myers 399-25X
NEXT MATCH Sunday July 25,2021 Thanks for attending. Tony-L