Towanda Pa Rifle & Pistol Club adding three new Benches.


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Apr 7, 2014
Towanda Pa Rifle & Pistol Club F - Class Matches will be adding three new benches to the 300 yard
mound to the right of the covered bench area. This will give us room for 15 bench shooters but
still leaving room for 2 prone shooters. Prone shooters have not been entering
these matches in great numbers. If they do I will make room for them. ALSO-- with 15 benches
available the matches will be restricted to TWO RELAYS ONLY . 30 shooters plus 4 prone. (34)
The benches on the mound will be covered by pop-up tents. Those individuals who have handicap
problems climbing the mound area will be placed accordingly. Thanks to all hope to see you all
Sunday Sept 27,2020 for the last shoot of the season (300 yards) Tony-L