Towanda Pa Sunday August 30, 2020 F-Class Bench & Prone Competition Results.


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Apr 7, 2014
Towanda Pa Sunday August 30, 2020 F-Class Bench & Prone Match hosted 24 shooters
on a slightly chilly but sunny day. However the wind was 12 to 15 MPH with gusts rippling the trees.
This was the worst conditions in our four years of competition. The scores were amazingly good for the
conditions, indicating the skill level of some of the top shooters. Their names may be familiar. Thanks to all
for attending. Next 300 yard shoot is Saturday September 5, 2020 The results are as follows. Tony-L
1. Jerry Frost 400-29X $50
2. David Merrell 400-26X $30
3. Adam How 399-24X $20
4. James Hart 399-23X
5. Ron Moxley 397-21X
6. Gary Hulbert 397-19X
7. Ted Rowlee 397-16X
8. Vinny Liboray 397-13X
9. Kyle Eddy 397-11X
10. Ken Raker 396-22X
11.Jack Roussel 396-20X
11. Tim O'Mara 396-20X
12. P.J. Hart 396-16X
13. Roger Zettlemoyer 395-17X
14. Bill Birch 394-18X
15. Steve Stewart 394-16X
16. Clayton Merrill 394-14X
16. John Demmir 394-14X
17. Dave Berlinski 393-26X
18.Curt Shatraw 392-15X
18. Allen Gay 392-15X
19.Don Curry 390-15X
20 Mark Harlost 390-8X
21. Ron Niles 384-6X
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