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Dec 18, 2018
Before diving into the use and application of tripods in precision rifle shooting, it’s important to establish a common language. This article is written as background and general information for the shooter unfamiliar with using a tripod to develop language and functional understanding of the major components of a tripod. By naming, identifying visually, and briefly covering their functions, we can build a solid foundation for more detailed information. 

Use this as a reference if you are new or less familiar with tripod anatomy.

Components: The functional parts of a tripod.

Base: The base is the platform from which the legs extend and the structure onto which gear is placed. It’s the foundation of the tripod, providing stability and support for the entire setup. The design and material of the base can greatly affect the tripod’s performance...

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Chris, I’m in the market (researching and learning) for a tripod and have been listening to your podcast and just saw this article. I’m sure there’s plenty of guys in here that know a ton about tripods, but I ain’t one of ‘em. Please keep sending the info and thanks!