Training Courses Two Day Long Range Precision Okeechobee Florida May 12th - 13th


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Due to last minute cancelations I have space for 2 more.

Location: Okeechobee Florida.

This course will be invaluable to anyone who wants to experience the satisfaction of long range precision marksmanship. It is specifically designed around the needs of shooters (both new and old) that are interested in learning the fundamental skills for shooting accurately out to 500 yards whether for hunting or sport. Course intent is to cover the techniques required to achieve first round hits out to 500 yards.

This is a marksmanship skills course and does not include advanced sniper techniques. Course consists of classroom and on-range practical training that includes Safety, Rifle Set-up, Optic Set-up and Correct Placement, Sighting In, Bi-pod, Sling and Ammunition Selection and Ballistic Comparisons, Correct Bench and Prone Shooting Positions, Understanding Eye Relief, Breathing, Grip, Trigger Control, Follow Through, and Cleaning Your Rifle. This course is offered twice a year at Okeechobee Shooting Sports. Space is limited to six students.

Ammunition Required: 200 rounds of match ammunition. NO Steel Core or Penetrating ammo allowed.
Prerequisites: N/A
Additional Equipment: A 308, 5.56 or similar caliber Precision Rifle capable of Minute of Angle Accuracy (Precision rifles are a necessity for a course of this kind.), Quality Adjustable Scope (A scope that will allow for precision shooting at 500+ yards, Mil Dot, Target Turrets, BDC or Meridian Reticules are recommended.), Bipod, Sling, Rear Bag, Cleaning Kit, Pen, Pencil, Highlighter, Rifle Data Book or Notebook, Calculator.

Cost: Long Range Rifle Immersion Level One: Two Days / $550
More Info: 561 450 9586
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