Range Report Uncle Passed/Reloading Equip and Components


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Jun 20, 2013
Western KY
About 14 months ago my uncle(74 yrs old) fell backwards and hit the back his head on a concrete block on the side of his driveway suffering a brain injury. He woke up weeks laters from a coma and was never right. It took several months to for him learn to talk again but his speech did come back. After about 10 months he was doing very well with his memory, speech and motor skills. He had even started driving again. Then he had what appeared to be or had the symptoms of a massive stroke and he about died. When he woke up he was really messed up and was obsessed with dieing. To make a long story short he stuck his Kimber 45 to his head and moved on to the next world two months ago.

Suicide is a very shelfish act and hard for families to swallow. We were shocked but in hind sight we should have seen it coming. My Uncle the true man he was before his brain injury would have never had a thought of taking his own life. Much less acted on it.

I was very close to my uncle and as a child and he was like my second dad. My dad worked 12 hours a day 7 days a week for all my youth so I spent alot of time with my uncle who retired from the Navy after 20 yrs. I can remember in first grade after school I would rush over to his house to sit in his lap and we would reload shot gun shells, pistols cartraiges and he would show me how to blow stuff up with black powder. He devoloped my love for shooting and reloading.

By the time I was 8 years old (I am 38 now) I was reloading and shooting alot of 20 guage and light 38's with my father and uncle. As a child my father and uncle supported my love for the sport by funding my reloading and shooting needs. Over the years together we have accumulated about everthing a man possible needs for reloading.

Friday my aunt called me and asked me to come over and see what was left in his reloading room that I was insteresed in. His son and 2 grandsons had come in and got his collection of kimbers and S&W 1911's and she had the rest for sale. When I got there she wanted me to buy it all and that my uncles wishes was for me to have what was left at a fair price. From over the years I knew exactly what was there and where it was located.

She told me to offer her what I could afford to spend and take it all. She left me there to pack it up and went to the movies with her granddaughter and great grandaughter. For the first hour I just sat there thinking about the last 30 years. In the second hour I started philfering and thinking about all the stuff I didnt need or already had. When see returned she expected to see me and all the stuff gone but that wasnt the case. Instead I had made a list of everything there. I told her I wanted to go home and do some pricing to be fair. I spent about 4 hours pricing stuff and simply decided I wanted some of the stuff and should sell the rest for her.
I went back last night and told her I could only afford to spend $750 right now. She said to load it up. I then explained to her that I didnt want to take atvantage of her and laid the list down that did I the pricing on. I then went threw and highlighted the stuff I was interested in and told her I would sell the rest for her and give her the money. She said that would be fine and the money isnt the issue. The main thing was Bud(my uncle would have wanted me to have it if his son didnt want it.

For my $750
* 37,500 CCI primers(mostly large and small pistol)
* Dillion 550 (45acp, 10mm, 9x25, 9mm, 38 super, 44 mag, all with powder dispensors) plus I already have a 550
* 1417 pcs of new nickel rem 10mm brass
* appox 1000 of once fired 9x25(rem nickel 10mm) another 500 new and unprimed
* 1000 new primed Win 9mm brass
* 2600 new Win 45 acp
* over 60 lbs of powder(unique, bluedot, 700x, bullseye, 4756, true blue, N350)
* 2500+ nosler 115gr jhp 9mm
* 5000+ rainer ballistic 230gr RN
* 1500 unknown pulled 9mm 115gr JHP
* Lyman Tumbler
* 7 new boxes of lyman media

Other stuff for sale or
* Approx 50 lbs of unknown powder marked "MIL Surplus-HOT" sold pending funds
* Approx 10 lbs of unknown powder marked "MIL Surplus-EVEN HOTTER" sold pending funds
* Aprrox 10 lbs of unknown powder marked "Mil Surplus-Blew up my 10mm" sold pending funds
* 2 Dillion square deals loaders, conversion for 9mm, 45 acp, 10mm, 38 - 1 sold pending funds
* 2 rockchuckers
* 4 five gallon buckets of mixed pistol 45acp, 9mm, 357, 38, 44 mag, etc Sold pending funds
* various lymen, rcbs dies
* unkown old progressive shotshell loader and accessories
* 10K wolf primers- sold pending funds
* 2 MEC loaders, one 12 and the other 20 guage- I might these keep becuase of memories but I have the same two aready
*10k+ lead 230gr 45 acp- Sold pending funds
*3000 lead 44 mag- Sold pending funds

Tons over other stuff. Just too much to list at this point. I have a verbal agreements to sell alot of stuff to a couple guys at my range that total $1800.
Later on I will have stuff listed on here.


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Jun 20, 2013
Western KY
He also had some other wildcat brass that appears to be 40SW necked to 9MM and 45acp necked to 38. The 45acp boxes was marked 38/45.

The other wildcat he had was the 9x25. I kept it because I have a glock 10mm that I am going to buy a barrel for. I might keep those too and finds some barrels for them as well.