Training Courses  Vapor Trail Tactical Training


PX Member
Feb 21, 2020
Im not sure this is the right place to post good experiences with training, but I wanted to leave feedback for Vapor Trail Tactical training after I took an LE course they offered this past week.

Training was great overall, my agency sent two of us to train on refreshers on marksmanship, advanced marksmanship and urban hides. Sean was our instructor and he was a never ending source of knowledge and common sense approaches to different concepts of being of police sniper/ observer. His drills are productive and challenging and set up realistic goals to achieve as you progress through the class. Sean was also very flexible with us when setting up the training and wanted to gear it towards our agencies specific training requests.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to refine their practical skills in regards to being an LE sniper/observer or PRS skills reach out to @Hogstooth or just go to their site or Facebook page.