Vintage warriors


May 3, 2020
I have a few vintage old bolt guns, all who have military service as their background.

1. This Brazilian Mauser was brought back from Italy following WWII by the uncle of my father-in-law. He stuck it in his closet, and never fired it. After he passed my FIL (who inherited it) stuck it on his gun rack... and never fired it. Finally, several years later, he and I took it to the range. He shot it once, and had two complaints. Didn't like the recoil, and didn't like the sights. He gave it to me on the spot. I was to make it useful, and see to it that his grandson ended up with it when I passed. I agreed with him on the sights, but fell in love with the softer than a .308 recoil. Well, despite the collectors giving me grief for "destroying" a piece of history... I made it useful again, and love shooting it. The barrel is now 20", and sports a Warcomp. It sits in a Hogue stock with a Timney trigger. and a different bolt body was found in my gunsmiths stash that had a regular style bolt handle, and headspaced well, and a low safety added. Next a Nikon M-308 was taken off another gun for this one, and bingo, useful old rifle, with a family story.

2. A 1949 Remington 513-T that served both the U.S. Army, and the USMC as a trainer. Now fitted with a with Nikon Prostaff 4-12 Rimfire scope, it slays any squirrel that dares to disrespect my German Shepherd by not allowing her to catch them.

3. My Lee Enfield No 4 Mk 1 Scout rifle (now 18") isn't exactly a "sniper" rifle, but it does shoot under 2" at 100 yds, and that's about as sniper as I've seen for a No 4 in a long time. That's with PPU 180 gr SPBT.

4. My other 7mm Mauser is of the Spanish variety. It was a rather inexpensive gun show find that wouldn't go on "safe". Turns out the bolt was assembled wrong... Again, no sniper rifle, but a very good truck gun with a red dot where the rear sight was.

Had my gunsmith mill the rear sight base to accept the red dot sight so it would stay low. A replacement base from his stash could bring it back to original if need be. It won't be... works perfect as is. I hate those old flat blade rear sights.

Not mine... Had the gunsmith do up my son's Mosin same way... He loves it.



Old Salt
Mar 22, 2018
Grand Junction, Colorado
I really like the Enfield with the long eye relief scope.
I have allways been a fan of the scout rifle concept and it's functionality in a hunting role when poking around in dense brush.
Also like the melding of new and old tech in your setups.👌
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