Rifle Scopes Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD Binocular is In


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Jan 24, 2006
Old Bethpage NY
<span style="font-weight: bold">The Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD Binocular has arrived</span>

<span style="font-weight: bold">Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD Binocular</span>
Part# VT-K15

From edge to edge. One end of the landscape to another. Huge possibilities await your scouring eye. Scouring through our new Kaibab 15x56 binocular, of course. Pushing the performance envelope as far as we could, using the latest technologies available to use, the Kaibab offers the optical features needed to overtly peruse the landscape in search of wild game targets. Superior images. Stunning resolution and, of course, incredible power.

The Vortex HD System

Imagine taking all the technology of high-definition video broadcasting systems and incorporating that level of performance into an optical system for binoculars that is truly remarkable. That's what you'll find in the Kaibab.

ArmorTek is a new, chemically-bonded optical lens multi-coat that increases light transmission, color fidelity, and image resolution—while providing unprecedented protection for the lens surface with a proprietary fluorine compound which is ultra-hard and highly scratch-resistant. ArmorTek's unique strain-proof top coat features a slippery surface that actually repels the oil and corrosive salts of fingerprints. Dust, dirt, and smudges are all easily wiped away without fear of scratching the optical glass beneath.

XD (Xtra-low Dispersion) glass objective lens elements of extra-low dispersion glass enhance image resolution—carefully selected and precision-crafted to exacting standards for true-to-life images of startling clarity and color accuracy.

XR coatings deliver incredible image detail with extremely high resolution and light transmission. Fully multi-coated, scratch-resistant coatings eliminate annoying, image-degrading reflections, and offer extraordinary brightness for a lifetime of trouble-free lens protection.

XD Optical Design is an advanced optical element configuration that virtually eliminates aberrations and provides distortion-free, flat field images with unmatched edge-to-edge accuracy and detail.

The ultimate western hunting binocular

Named in honor of the famous North Kaibab plateau in northern Arizona, home of some of the country's largest mule deer, the Vortex Kaibab is the sort of high-powered binocular preferred for western hunting—especially during the productive late season when the mulies are bedded down in pockets of trees in the canyon heads and draws. It takes serious patience and the highest quality optics, like our new Kaibab 15x56 binocular, to consistently locate trophy deer.
Complete waterproof protection keeps dust and water out of the optical system with tight O-ring seals.
Complete fogproofing of internal lenses presents clear views in spite of sudden temperature changes because of argon-purged optics.
Metal-reinforced eyecups are tough, durable, finished with a rubber coating, and made to endure constant wear.
Tapered multi-position eyecup style provides a more natural fit to your eyes and comfortable, full-field viewing with eyeglasses.
Rugged rubber armor ensures a solid, easy carry.
Argon gas purging

This advanced process protects your Kaibab binocular in the following ways:
Argon gas does not absorb or react chemically with water.
Argon gas eliminates internal fogging.
Argon gas maintains its protective properties over a wider temperature range.
Argon gas does not diffuse as quickly as other elements, extending the service life of the optics longer.