Vortex Razor II Question


Jan 1, 2022
New Yorkistan
I'm very happy with the Vortex Razor II 1x6x24. Enough I may get another for a Big Horn S&W 500 lever gun. One of the drawbacks is the lack of scope coat. Mine came with a single cover for the rear optic but nothing for the front lens. I thought that kinda weird.

Before you feel I'm a big bitch, I admit I'm anal about optics but I'm also always in a hurry. Single dad of a 10 year old girl, 13, boy, and 15 boy. Both boys are heavy in elite basketball and baseball.... which means travel and lots of practice. Daughter is local travel for basketball and LAX> So I have to plan my range time and I often am tossing rifles and handguns in the back of my vehicle. I really would like some ideas on what to use for glass protection during travel.

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  • Oct 26, 2008
    Good quality soft cases with closed cell foam, I have never had any issues. It protects the gun and scope. My experience is based on weekly range trips for several years and shooting 3gun for 10+ years with many miles bouncing down the road.

    Edit to add... I've got 9 razors from Gen 1 thru 3, 4 of them are 1-6x Gen 2's. The one on my main 3gun rifle has several thousand transport miles on it in the back of my ton truck & jeep in a softcase. Never any issues, never a loss of zero.
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