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Dec 18, 2018


You prepare to take your first shot of the day at distance after checking zero. Zero was fine. You are comfortable with your ballistic data for the sake of this conversation. You pick a target at 800 yards with your 308 and notice that it is .5 mil wide. You make your best wind call. Bang (pew?). You see splash in the dirt .25 mils right of the edge of the target (.5 from point of aim). 

What would you do hot shot ?

You have a few options now. 

You can record your shot data, wind call, etc.

You can follow up your shot with a few different and popular techniques in order to hit the target on your next shot.

You can move to a different target.

You can go home.

Explain what you would do and why? 

Recognize the Process

I would begin with the following question: what are you training? To me this is the critical question that should...

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Chris You did a nice job with the article and the mindset of improving on our skill sets. It made me think how the art of critical thinking can be applied to shooting and how similar they are when it comes to analyzing what happens before and after the trigger is pulled

I personally need to have a goal or purpose to be motivated. There is a lot to be said for competition to keep you both humble and push you further.

I have just recently stepped back into shooting after a long absence. I used to shoot with an old guy, who was a skilled shooter and reloader and understood the craft. We hunted woodchucks together and prided ourselves in long shots, doping the wind, the range and the movements of what we were shooting at.

Today I just want to get back into reloading and shooting. Test the limits of my rifle, my loads and my skills as a shooter. I lack the end goal, one of the reasons for me coming back to the Sniperhide. I was a member here years ago

Thanks for adding your perspective and insight
that might be there reason to train mine is more practical

and a tyrannical government , also in my own home my family will come first regardless of which crook has to die first .